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Tips For Artists
Tips for Artists
:iconbjpentecost:BJPentecost 494 183
How to live peacefully on the internet?
Rule 1: Focus on yourself, not what others say or do.
Before you try to change the world you go and clean up your own room. If someone or something pisses you off, rather than trying to teach them, you figure out why it bothers you and see what you can do to not be bothered by it.
Only go and privately point stuff out if it's a close friend/person and you have enough trust built up to be able to resolve misunderstandings if there are any. With strangers/acquaintances, it's better to avoid those kinds of things as you 1)don't know them well enough to understand what they mean, 2)since you aren't close, it is plainly not your business, 3)you don't know what kind of person they want to be either, so you can't give them advice they need. 
If being around someone makes you upset all the time, rather than raging at them, you be around them less or cut them out from your life altogether. Trust your gut when it comes to this. You like yourself when you are around people you sh
:icontshuki:tshuki 35 22
On Drawing Children by toerning On Drawing Children :icontoerning:toerning 4,414 169
Design me an OC duo contest (1k prize)
I finally came up with the perfect contest idea 
this idea is gonna be challenging but i really wanna see your guys's ideas!
the concept this time is;
design me an oc duo (2 ocs that go along with each other) without just reverting colors/patterns 
ive been dying to see a duo done well without just reverting the colors/contrasting colors (like ones black and ones white) you can give em similar face shapes or similar outfits but i want each character to be unique but you can still tell they go together. (they can be siblings or a couple but PLEASE tell me which you draw them as)
now im not saying you cant have a white and brown piebald oc with an all black oc but please....
PLEASE put effort into it!
im allowing plenty of extensions this time so please dont rush and ofc lmk if life gets in the way just dont slap on 5 different excuses if you just lacked motivation, just be honest with me man be like "hey i couldnt think of an idea i could properly make so i got frustrated and
:iconsnow-keith:Snow-Keith 92 114
Android21 by letdie1414 Android21 :iconletdie1414:letdie1414 304 5 understanding selfinjury,part4 by fragilegirl understanding selfinjury,part4 :iconfragilegirl:fragilegirl 10 1 Let go by FOXFRE4K Let go :iconfoxfre4k:FOXFRE4K 82 9
Liquor is one way out an'death's the other
The art of growing up,
is to pour shots of whiskey                                            
into your coffee in the morning
to make it through
the day.
when all you want to do
is lie in bed
but there’s nothing
about that
:icongrew-up-a-screw-up:grew-up-a-screw-up 172 36
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Death, Devil, Magician and Fool
Late Autumn. 1918. I remember the day with perfect clarity. The sailors had revolted in Germany but we did not know that yet. The telegraph lines had gone down again. They were always going down, so out in our tiny garrison we simply assumed that the war was grinding on as it had for years. Woodrow Wilson had sent us the doughboys, but these men seemed far more intent on getting their hands on some lusty French lasses than battling the Hun. We called them doughboys because they seemed soft and puffy, like little bundles of dough awaiting the oven. Once they met the relentless pounding of artillery at the front we were sure they would be crying to be sent back overseas, back where they belonged.
The Commandant? He knew the trenches. He had actually been one of the first men to dig a trench and in the trenches he would have remained had not a German flammenwerfer slipped past our lines. I shot that man, but not before he soaked our ditch down in flames. The commander shielded me with his
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I just drew an eye...'cause it's the only thing I can draw while feeling I do now...whatever...
It's strange, how you can feel empty and unmotivated for days, not able to do anything but neither feeling exactly bad or down. And then suddenly without anything changing, this emptyness seems to became the heaviest weight on earth and you start hating yourself again. You still lie in bed, lacking motivation and try to talk your lazy ass outta it, knowing it won't help. Knowing you won't do anything more than the last days, you tried the same, but this day it just feels so much worse. You think of the depression diagnosis to hide from your own guilt and at the same time you know it's a lame excuse and feel even more shitty for you know, other depressed do stuff, for you know sometimes even you do stuff and you don't understand why it won't work now. How comes?


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depressive + smoker + cat dad


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