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I was drawing her like a pair art to Nami.

Undertale SOUL - Purple Undertale SOUL - Purple Undertale SOUL - Purple 

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One Piece (c)

Please don't use my art without permission.
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Looks more like handcock to me

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Looking very pretty there, Robin! :love:
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YOU speak RUSSIAN ??????
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This is a lovely piece, good color choices and a great pose. ^^
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Robin is pretty. <3
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wow you draw benevolent tits for a woman.. respect
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I agree. It always bothers me when they're exaggeratedly big or something. No use in making a character if it's only just fan-service. Otherwise, it has no right to be called a "character." But that's just my opinion.
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brother from another mother!
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А Санджи в такой позе будет? Ябпосмотрел ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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я сначала глаза протерла от твоего коментария и зависла) Для тебя будет
Ээй, ну это же шутка была) Приятно видеть, что твоя галерея так быстро и качественно растет) 
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Нет, я про то, что удивилась и рада была тебя видеть)))
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I really like how your art makes the artistically questionable One Piece cast look so much more realistic, but still recognizable. Great job!
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love the colors used and her style sensual look #1 
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