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Ok, so now (at least for me) she is the most beautiful girl in One Piece. Sorry Hancock.
Not cuz Sanji is my fav character ever but still! Ahhh she is like fem!Sanji we were all trying to draw or imagine XD She is amazing. Oda stop drawing them so beautiful. 

P.S. I've got a lot of requests to draw Nami with short haircut. Comes next! 

Print is available on Redbubble

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Interesting concept and execution
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this pic is sooo beautiful!
very pretty work.
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Marvelous :love: I love the sharp contrast between black and white here! Suits her well!
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Oooh, this is really pretty! Amazing piece :D
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Drawn like this, yes, very :D (Big Grin)
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Simply beautiful!
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Reiju is Bae-ju......I'll leave now.
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oh my god those legs! 
simple yet detailed, the composition is really amazing
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Those legs are worth to be drawn good! XD Thank you soo much
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This is incredible! Love the lights and the movement of her cloths!
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thank you so much!)
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 When I go to Bed I feel like I could Sleep forever, but then I Always wake at the same time, Three Weeks Later.
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simple and beautiful,good job! :)
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Very well done! I like the simplicity of the colors!
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glad to know! thank you so much
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