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Dungeons and Dragons commission for Seridon. Love your character a lot!  cherry blossom cherry blossom cherry blossom 

Please don't use my art without permission.
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Loved the composition! =)
Looks like a fully grown Rimuru
Do you mind if I can use this as an OC on the OverWatch Amino? I'll give you all the credit!
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Awesome art work!

I wanna get back in to playing DnD would be fun x.x
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Beautiful perspective and contrast between light and dark! Lovely work :dance:
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simple wonderful, thanks for sharing with us.
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I genuinely love how your drawings always show a certain feeling! That aspect is something very inspiring and something to keep in mind. Besides, the perspective and the scene are just so cool. :')
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Ahh thank you so much! It makes me so happy T_____T :heart:
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ух, шикардос! :heart:
волосы прям вообще загляденье
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я ими была больше всего недовольна XD переделывала 3 раза, но оставила изначальный вариант.
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я не знаю, чем ты там была недовольна...
но вот покрас просто объедение. такие приятные цвета и такое интересное, незатасканное решение для блика!
очень похоже на "собственную фишечку", если бы тебе захотелось такую заиметь)
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это ты про оранжевую полосочку?) а блики вроде и так всегда эти рисую,не? xD но буду иметь в виду!
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и полосочку тоже)
все вместе очень хорошо смотрится)
I love almost everything about this, but that hammer is just distractingly large XD
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Really beautiful work. :)
Just so you know, hammer asset was taken from Skyrim and will be owned by Bethesda in design. Just in case you were planning on monetising this.…
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Thanks for telling :) The customer wanted this particular hammer and i had no idea where it came from.
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I like the colors of the sidewalk, so soft.  Omg so cute 
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Wow, it has turned out abruptly  
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Thank you so much :heart:
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