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Close your eyes


Happy birthday Seiya, my beautiful girl, i hope somewhere you are happy together!

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Sailor Moon (c)

Please don't use my art without permission.
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This is crazy beautiful :love: Lovely work!
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so when I was a kid I always thought that Sailor Star Fighter would’ve made a better couple with Sailor Mars than with Sailor Moon since she already had Tuxedo Mask. Also I always thought that Seiya was hotter than Mamoru.

WOW. this is one of the BEST fanart i've ever seen in my LIFE. ;___; THANK YOU!!! really, thank you for creating this beautiful moment... i am stunned, because it captures everything so perfectly. also, i am SO HAPPY you left seiya as female. ugh omg i'm dying i love this so much ;___; thank you. i signed up for a deviantart account just so i could comment here. thank you again. <3 <3

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I'm glad you loved it so much!!!!! thank you !!!!!!!

you are more than welcome. seriously, thank YOU!!!! 🥺😍❤️💕

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This is an adorable moment.
And that sky in the background is out of this world!
Beautiful artwork over all.
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OWG! This is fascinating!

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Best girl Seiya finally is there where she belongs! Mein Kororo macht non-stop doki doki. Ich liebe die beiden so >w< Usagis Pose ist sowas von niedlich und der Kuss awwww love in its purest form. Thank you very much for stealing my heart with this piece :) 
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Thanks. I don't need my heart.
I will leave it here and go elsewhere.
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welcome! let's suffer together
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*shakes Marmaladica's hand*
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God I love this. So serene, so beautiful.

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This is really beautiful.
I can feel the mood.
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thank you so much!
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This is stunning!
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