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Cardboard Gibson Les Paul

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*From September 22, 2010*

Not really a picture or a tutorial, more of just me documenting the process that I went through to make this wonderful guitar. Commissioned for a friend cosplaying Yui (I'm nowhere near small or cute enough for that cosplay XD)
The guitar was created based on Featherweight's cardboard guitar tutorial [link] SERIOUSLY, the man is a genius. I know my handwriting is god awful, so if there is a word (or many) that can't be deciphered, just ask. I'll be glad to answer any and all questions. Hopefully I'll be uploading a picture of the guitar fit with strings and knobs soon, as I was not able to take a picture of the finished effort when it was completed last week. Until then!
P.S. I applaud anyone who knows whose face is on the cup in the first picture :)
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Definitely looking into this!
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Hi! I want to build a guitar for a Yui cosplay. Your document and the tutorial link are great, but I can't find a decent masterprint. Where did you find yours?
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I can't seem to find the one I used, it was over a year ago and my old computer no longer works, but here is a link to a guy who has bought the prints and has them available for pdf download! [link] They should give you the exact measurements and masterprint you need to make an amazing Gibson!
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Thanks a lot, that really helped me.
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You're very welcome!
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Wow... that's great!

Finally I'll own a Les Paul

^ _ ^
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Good luck! I would love to see a picture of it when it's done!
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