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:star:hello guys! 
I'm sorry for the inactivity, university keeps me very busy /v\ 
buuut since i planned on going to conventions next year, to sell my art there, i already started test printing and the like ♥

So i printed quite a few postcards/ miniprints, but since i don't have an online shop yet you can buy the directly through me.

this is the drawing i printed:

cuddles and tea by Marmaladecookie

One postcard is 4€ (shipping and paypal fees included!)
-if you want more than one it's +1,50€
- size is 148 x 105 mm

:bulletblue: payment via paypal, after payment is received i'll send you your card :bulletblue:
:bulletblue: just either note me, or send me an email at  :bulletblue:

You would help me a lot with the purchase, than i could buy more prins and stickers that i can soon offer, too! ♥

thank you all for your support! <3

also here is a photo of the postcard. it has a tiny deer on the back > v <…
i'm offering commissions to earn a bit money so i can buy art supplies i need for uni > v <

if you have questions, please note (or email) me!

:bulletblue: dot eyed chibi: 25€ 
for additional character: +25€
Punica by Marmaladecookie  Ziva by Marmaladecookie   little fisher by Marmaladecookie

:bulletblue: detailed digital chibi: 40€
Sailor Eris by Marmaladecookie  Tangled by Marmaladecookie

:bulletblue: lollypop style: 40 - 45€ (depends on complexity of the characterdesign)
- for additional character: +40€
Celeste by Marmaladecookie cuddles and tea by Marmaladecookie  cozy by Marmaladecookie Coline by Marmaladecookie
waist-up: 30€
head-shot: 25€
- add simple background: +5 -10€

:bulletblue: watercolour pet: 15-25€ depending on complexity (i just need a photograph and i will draw the exact pose)
Puppies by Marmaladecookie  Cats by Marmaladecookie

:bulletblue: creatures (1 small is free, for each more +4-10€ ; not for sketches)
:bulletblue: a new outfit (it's free, but i design whatever i think fits the character; only for girls!)
:bulletblue: if you want me to send you the original drawing (for traditional art) you will have to pay the shipping costs. (outside of Germany it's 4€)


:star: interested? send me a note :heart: (or email me at , or send me a note at facebook or instagram whatever floats your boat) it should contain...
:bulletblue: at least 1 full body reference with good quality (or many that show EVERY detail when put together), the more the better~ (i don't accept gaia-avatar refs!)
:bulletblue: what type of commission (chibi/ normal/ sketch/...)
:bulletblue: your paypal adress

:bulletpurple: if you give me a half body ref or details for the outfit are missing, just tell me what to add or i will just use my imagination.
:bulletpurple: if your character is super detailed i'll have to charge extra
:bulletpurple: for sketches and easy chibis i only choose easy poses
:bulletpink::bulletpink:  i start after i received the payment (via paypal, use the "for goods and services” option) - when i'm done you receive the full version without watermark - you may use the drawing for anything personal, just say it was drawn by me and link back to my DA/tumblr - also no commercial use!! (except i told you otherwise in person):bulletpink::bulletpink:

:star::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: i draw: girls, boys in chibi style, fanart/ OC/ a real person, animals, pokemon, ponies, ...
:bulletred::bulletred: i don't draw: boys in normal style (still gotta practise these!), couples in sketch commissions, ...

:bulletred::rose:~~ on my profile you can see whether my commissions are open or not ~~:rose::bulletred: