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/Team Marcus are walking out of the Contest Hall/
Marcus [Butler]: Oh, I am so sorry you had to go through all that, Mr. Butler...
Butler: It's not your fault. That Mary Sue girl took us all by surprise. Just... listen to Black Dragon, do us ALL a favour, and stay out of the Contest Hall...
Marcus: (Hn... Mr. Butler is right...)
Marcus: (But still, what if Mr. Black Dragon needs my help again? Sure, HE rescued ME, but...
Also, how DID those doors throw fire? What a crazy hall... Who was that Mary Sue girl, anyways, and why did she abuse of Misters Butler and Brian?
Also, we are DEFINITELY not the ones trapped in there. Not even Mr. Black Dragon can rescue ALL OF THOSE!
Besides, this may no longer happen again! On what would I miss out by staying away?)
/emotional stress/
*runs back to the hall*
Butler [Forrest]: -.-; Let's go stop Marcus...
Marcus: *enters the contest hall* /Minish Cap-style with his Bible set on the L-Button and DSi on the R-Button/
(Whew... I reached this before Mr. Butler could catch me...
Hn... Things are not that different in the day...
I wonder...)
/7 minutes later/
*running away from a flaming door* WAAAAH! NOT AGAIN! /still did not figure it out/
*tumbles on a cart*
*screams like Link as the cart rushes*
*Butler and Forrest listen to the obvious yell*
Butler: -_-; I knew it...
Marcus: /on the floor/ Mamma mia... That was scary...
...but at least I am safe now...
I wonder how the others are doing now...
/Brendan is in the background all frustrated; Aaron is asleep while Edd eats a pizza slice attached to Aaron's horn/
Sarah: Oh, why did Marcus had to take BOTH Butler and Forrest?
Marcus: *goes exploring a bit*
Butler: There!
Marcus: GWAA! NOO!
Butler: -_-+
Marcus: Oh! Mr. Butler... and Mr. Forrest! Sorry. I...
Butler: I knew you would run away from us! You just cannot resist having your questions answered! (Seriously! I hope that, one day, my warnings actually GET THROUGH him!)
Marcus: ...
*feels door*
*automatically opens door*
Butler + Forrest: Marcus!
Marcus: WAAAAAA!
*Butler + Forrest rush*
*Team Marcus finds itself to be in a lava room with only a few platforms*
*Forrest is worried*
Butler: SEE?
Marcus: (This is like a Mario game... only much less fun!)
*stays a bit*
*notices something on a high platform*
Oh! ...over there! Is that...?
*Butler and Forrest also notice and take shock*
Forrest: Is someone over there?
Marcus: ...
If only Mr. Aaron was with me right now... /can handle the lava easily/
Aaron: *sneezes once in a funny way*
Edd: What? You now allergic to pizza?
Marcus: ...
[Forrest] Mr. Forrest, can you not use your Sky Uppercut to reach over there?
Forrest: *looks at the lava from below*
Marcus: *senses Forrest's worry*
Never mind...
Forrest: No, I must do it! I cannot leave them hanging there!
*Butler and Marcus stand back*
Forrest: GooooOOOO!
*uses Sky Uppercut (complete with sky background) to reach the platform over there*
Marcus: Whooo-- /does not want to disturb Forrest/
Forrest: *looks over to see a monocle, a top hat, and a cane*
*peeks under the top hat /no one is there/*
Marcus + Butler: ...
*Forrest comes back wearing all of those*
Marcus: ...
Butler: Why are you wearing that?
/rather steamed/ No one was actually there, right?
Forrest: Unfortunately.
Marcus: I would like to leave...
Bbutler: Finally...
*Team Marcus leaves (with Marcus carrying all 5 items)*
*both pass through hall*
Chief: RrrrRRRR! That Master of Ceremonies jerk... what's he want with the judges and this hall! This is CERTAINLY not how things are supposed to go!
...he KNEW that I was the head security! How DARE he pull such a REPULSIVE trick on me...
*goes ALL ape*
*Team Marcus notices the slight yell from behind one of the walls*
Butler: Wait! Someone is behind that wall!
Marcus: Hn...
*does a Majo Check on the wall (complete with Doki Doki Majo Shinpan DUO "witch touching" interface)*
Butler: *opens mouth as though he was to say something*
*closes his yap*
*Forrest joins and so does Butler*
*Team Marcus discover the tantrum*
Marcus: So... is someone really stuck there? For all I know, this could be an elaborate trick...
Forrest: *walks back some*
Butler: ...
...remember that people are honestly trapped in here, though I agree with your point.
Let ME handle this.
*Marcus walks back*
Butler: *launches a Shadow Ball at the wall*
*nothing happens*
Marcus + Forrest: ...
Marcus: I...
Okay, let's go!
*All 3 launch attacks (push; Sky Uppercut; Shadow Ball)*
/muy weak/
Team Marcus: ...
Chief: /calms down/ ?
Someone's over there?'d better be someone up to rescue me...
Though I think that they need a bit of help...
Bulkhead! Capone! Time to show what Chief is really made of!
Marcus: ...
I think we should try again.
*hears loud thumps/thuds*
*Team Chief also attacks the wall (Chief -> Rock Smash; BulkHead -> Hydro Pump; Capone -> admittedly weaker Hyper Beam*
*Team Marcus notice*
Marcus: (Someone really is wanting to get out!)
Forrest: (So someone really is stuck behind there!)
Butler: (I guess we are NOT just being fooled...)
*all 6 proceed to attack the wall*
*the wall crumbles*
*Team Chief emerges victorious!*
Marcus: Mr. Chief!
Chief: Wait...
You are... that guy who kept looking at Capone back at the Cool Contest, right?
Marcus: O#_#O
Butler: -.- I remember that all too well...
Chief: Never mind. I never though that YOU would be saving me, but I can't complain! What matters is... I'M FREE AGAIN!
*Bulkhead and Capone cheer*
Forrest: Oh joy! So we really DID help! You were really on the right route, Marcus!
*Marcus is looking pensive*
Marcus [Chief]: Uh... Mr. Chief?
Chief [Marcus]: What do you want: an autograph, or a chance to see Chief in action? How about a party with Chief at my house?
Marcus /reserved/: Sorry if this would bother you a lot, but...
...considering how you and your team are all "BANG BANG" and "SMASH SMASH," how come you actually got trapped in the first place?
Chief: *turns serious*
You DO NOT want to know.
Marcus: ...please do not leave me awake all night worrying about how "the incredible Mr. Chief" got trapped and whether he will fall again...
Butler [Chief]: You are better off just answering him straight out.
Chief: ...
What I am about to tell you was NEVER meant for living ears.
*Team Marcus pay attention*
It was the abomination called Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.
Marcus + Forrest: o_o ...
Butler: ...what? ANOTHER silly cartoon movie?
Butler: *stands his ground*
Chief /steamed/: That movie just tore alive what the Transformers stood for for all time! I mean, adult human body humor IS NOT for robots! They're ROBOTS!!! NO HUMAN ANATOMY should ruin such a blessing! Although, with the way they were stomach-grindingly UN-designed, I shouldn't even be calling those abominations "robots" in the first place! There was also SO MUCH lens flare; I thought that my eyes were gonna burn off my head! The plot made absolutely NO SENSE, either! Did these producer just take ONE PASSING LOOK at a Transformers poster and made up the whole garbage wreck they so stupidly call a "story"? I mean why teleport when you can FLY?? Oh, let me see, you just wanted to be JUST LIKE those recycle-heaps they call "sci-fi" and "try to make a permanent legacy" or something! SERIOUSLY, flight is JUST FINE! Don't grind down the Transformers to YOUR pitiable levels! You should never EVER even LOOK at PICTURES of film equipment EVER... AGAIN!
What's worse is that that Master of Ceremonies actually played to me JUST THOSE PARTS that had me burning and boiling inside! Compared to the horrible, painful deaths we all suffered inside all over again, our getting trapped was less than INNOCUCOUS!
Butler + Forrest: *grossed/freaked out*
Marcus /re-activated Chronn's/: Thank you for telling me...
Ugkkh... You got me bad at "adult humany body humour"...
... Potty emergency!
*runs in search for a bathroom*
*Butler and Forrest follow*
Chief: ...I warned him.
Link in the cart: [voici]
"With Touch" interface in action: [Oh, seriously...]
"Majo Check Duo": [voila]


Since Mr. :iconathens025: submitted his entry, yet I had mine yet to start...


Marcus; Butler; Forrest; Brendan; Sarah; Edd; Aaron -> :iconmarkyvigoroth:
Chief; BulkHead; Capone -> Mr. :iconchief-orc:
Mightyena; Breloom; Swampert; Gardevoir; Glalie; Aggron -> Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire -> Pokémon -> GameFreak/Creatures -> Nintendo
Blastoise; Lickitung -> Pokémon Red/Green -> Pokémon -> GameFreak/Creatures -> Nintendo
"Majo Check Duo" -> Doki Doki Majo Shinpan Duo -> Doki Doki Majo Shinpan -> CRIWare -> SNK
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen -> Transformers
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