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After Team Chief (Chief; Capone; Bulkhead; Puck), Team Oliver (Oliver; Duke; 'Chris'), Butler, Billy, and Kidd come, they see the whole scene. Billy and Kidd prepare to attack the block of ice, but Marcus intercedes, telling others that he knows about what he is talking. He also asks for them to melt the ice, instead while not harming ED-209. Oliver tells Duke to melt the ice (which also caused the gunk to wash off ED-209), to the effect of Marcus thanking Oliver, afterwards. However, since Marcus referred him as "Mr. Oliver" (due to Marcus' tendency to speak formally and politely), Oliver god joyful that someone called him a boy, (Marcus never saw him as a girl.) only to be disappointed when Billy said that 'Chris' is actually a girl. A growing argument ensues, only for Marcus to call out the whole thing. However, Marcus, for the sake of neutrality, called 'Chris' "Marrowak-san," causing more confusion that needs to be explained. At this point, Karurie gives Marcus the last card, and, immediately, Junction comes in, and an event similar to the "After Round 5: The Final Key" video plays. At the cards, Marcus stares, only recognizing "The Sun" and "The Moon" (due to him having Played Persona 4). He struggles to "read" the others, only to get a flare, that is, a sudden burning stomach pain. Everybody runs closer to Marcus, and they end up learning (maybe a bit too much) about Marcus' Chronn's Disease (which was partially responsible for his painful affair in the bathroom back at the end of Round 1 and the beginning of Round 2). Marcus then asks for help, but Karurie does not know the meaning, and Chief had trouble just reading their names. Oliver went in and gave his own interpretations of the cards, but Marcus knew that the meanings were fake, since Marcus already knew the meanings of "The Moon" and "The Sun." Eventually, with no immediate remedy, everyone walked off.

At this point, a lot is revealed: the Master of Ceremonies wanted to use the "sacrificed" Pokemon (and a few other Pokemon, such as Puck) as his new hypnosis agents. However, those cards were directly related to the Master of Ceremonie's power, and prolonged separation from them has his power (including that of keeping multiple realities) weaken, hence his being desperate to have them. However, at the time, the Master of Ceremonies had enough of his power drained to the point of the other Pokemon breaking free. There, he caught up with Team Chief, Team Oliver (who was wandering around to find someone else to rescue), Billy, and Kidd, and everyone, having similar goals, went to sarch for Marcus. Marcus apologizes for all the conundrum he had caused, but Oliver reminds Marcus that the whole thing is the fault of the Master of Ceremonies. With this in mind, Marcus gets a new burst of will to beat the Master of Ceremonies, and proceeds, but not before Chief telling Marcus to NEVER do and otaku anime dances ever again.

At this, they meet up with Black Dragon. The problem is that, since Black Dragon has his mask off due to the lighting conditions, and his mask-less self bears a resemblance to Marcus (Black Dragon dyes his hair, and Marcus did not really pay Black Dragon's skin much thought.), Marcus thought that Black Dragon was his Nobody (the reamins of someone's soul and body when that person's soul is lost to darkness in the Kingdom Hearts series), then his Shadow (a manifestation of someone's fears and insecurities in Persona 4), causing Marcus to say "You are me!" over and over (Denying your Shadow causes the Shadow to go berzerk.) Black Dragon was surprised at this, and the sound of his voice had Marcus recognize him. There, Black Dragon has noticed Marcus' new team, which had Marcus require explaining the reprograming Marcus gave ED-209. He also retorted that ED-209 needed new ammunition, which led to a conflict between Chief (who owns machinery) and Black Dragon (who got shot by the machinery). Marcus immediately called off the idea, which caused Chief to retort, and causing another argument with Chief and Black Dragon. Eventually, though, Black Dragon capitulated (not knowing ED-209's glitchiness) and allowed Team Marcus (Marcus; Butler; Carmilla; ED-209; Forrest) and Team Chief get ammunition. Even so, Marcus wanted to charge his DSi (just in case) and ran off without talking, requiring Chief and Black Dragon to search for him. Black Dragon did not have to go far to look for him, though, since Marcus found a power outlet. Black Dragon scolded Marcus, which had Marcus apologize and explain his reasons, but, due to the fragility of the power system, there becomes a blackout, which has Marcus apologize out loud.

At this, Marcus started to feel guilty, so he apologized a lot here, but niot atfter having a half-duplex argument with Faye, first. At this, Black Dragon tried to calm down Marcus, but Marcus ended up accidentally hurting him in the dark, thus increasing his guilt to the point of having Marcus throw a meltdown. At this point, Marcus acted all emo, inflicting guilt upon himself, scolding Black Dragon for "making excuses" (Black Dragon realized to Marcus that his accidents could give Black Dragon a stealth element.), and even hit himself on purpose. Faye used Aromatherapy, which worked, but only for a moment. Marcus ran off. Around this time, Mary Sue was in the mood to get out of here (She thinks that the Master of Ceremonies was too good for her, even though she only escaped the hypnosis experiment due to the Master of Ceremonies' power being weakened due to the cards.), retorting that the Master of Ceremonies could not even keep something as simple as keeping the electricity on anymore. Ms. Meyer stopped, sensing Marcus' "emo urges," and dashed off, leaving a definitely not fit Mary Sue to try to run after him, and in the dark, as well. Back at Marcus, still emo, ended up running to a battery room. Trying to "right his wrong," he sadly and desperately tries to set up the new voltaic cells in the alternative power system. However, he had to take a long time due to his being in the dark, which gave Marcus enough time for him to stabilize a bit. At this point, Marcus actually internalized Black Dragon's idea of using the darkness as stealth. Immediately, Ms. Meyer came in, and Marcus ended up telling him (Ms. Meyer is actually a boy; Mary Sue, not a really smart girl, named him after the author of the Twilight series.) about his meltdown and project as well as its cancellation. Ms. Meyer, not listening to Marcus' realization, turned on the alternative power system, only to have Marcus turn off the system. (At this point, Black Dragon was making good progress in going to the amunition room, but the temporary light restore had the robots detect him  as well a Junction, who was trying to keep safe. Uh oh. Back at the power closet, Marcus was chiding Ms. Meyer of the possible concequences of those seconds of light, only to have Ms. Meyer knock him off. Marcus admits that he was not thinking clearly at the time, but he should have waited out the meltdown before doing anything. At this, Ms. Meyer turned the system on again, only to have Marcus turn the system off. (At this, Black Dragon and Junction were running, and the rest of Marcus' companions happened to find Black Dragon and Junction in the few seconds of light. They proceeded to try to help.) Marcus ended up fighting with Ms. Meyer a bit (Marcus having to make do without his stick), but, without thinking, screamed "Osuwari!" at Ms. Meyer, to the surprising effect of Ms. Meyer actually fall on his face. (Ms. Meyer has a "doormat personality," and, when Mary Sue's re-enacted Inuyasha, Mary Sue being Wapanese, by saying "Osuwari!", Ms. Meyer ended up re-enacting the effect of that command.) Marcus decided that the best way to keep Ms. Meyer from getting everyone in trouble was to take him along. Ms. Meyer inititally rebelled, but he took Marcus' "Sorry" as "Osuwari," so Ms. Meyer felt that he should do as Marcus says.

Butler ends up finding Marcus, thus leading team Black Dragon to Marcus. At this, Marcus apologized, which caused Ms. Meyer to "sit." At this, Butler recognized Ms. Meyer from Round One and obviously got aggravated. Howver, Marcus explained that he took his as "hostage" in order to keep him out of trouble. (Here, Marcus referred to Ms. Meyer as "Smeargle-san.") He also said that "Osuwari" actually affected Ms. Meyer, hence why he "sat" when Marcus said "Sorry," a fact that Butler put to good use (saying "Osuwari," though). Black Dragon then called attention to Marcus' seemingly impenetrable meltdown. Marcus begrudgingly revealed that he has Asperger's Syndrome (which was the reason behind a lot of Marcus' mannerisms), and he gets meltdowns if he feels too guilty (which is actually rather easy to do). The memories of his guilt serve as fuel, hence why Faye's Aromatherapy was not a permanent solution, and trying to reason with him during a meltdown will also be fruitless. The best way to get rid of Marcus' meltdown was to leave him alone and out of trouble until he recovers. Black Dragon then inquired why Marcus did not tell anyone about his disability, to which Marcus retorted with how secretive Black Dragon was about his Post-Tramautic Stress Disorder. (Both Black Dragon and Marcus did not want others to let their mental disorders keep others away from them or causing trouble for them, and they DEFINITELY do not want to use their disorders as an excuse for their action, them trying to overcome their difficulties by themselves.) Marcus then mentioned about how his problem is (and he REALLY does not like saying this) slightly worse than Black Dragon's due to Black Dragon's breakdowns actually HELPING the cause. Black Dragon chided Marcus, who simply retalitated with seeing Black Dragon's breakdown with Chief's gun and compared that with the hypothetical situation of Marcus throwing a meltdown in Black Dragon's place. (Marcus' silently comments the resemblance between the situation and Bob from Bob's Game, then quickly says something good of the game as a counter-measure. This causes, somehwere else in the world, the video-game Bob to sneeze twice and the real-life Bob once.) Black Dragfon then notices that Marcus noticed the fight, and the Marcus said that he took photographs of the scene. (He was going to turn on his DSi, but the photo-sensitive Black Dragon stopped Marcus.) Marcus retorted that he had gone to the computer room (twice), hence ED-209's re-programming, then insists that he took photographs. Not surprisingly, Black Dragon took Marcus' word for it.  Marcus then noticed that he still has to open the final door and the basement, so Black Dragon bade him off (in order to keep the pursuit off Marcus), but not before giving Marcus Carmilla, ED-209, and Forrest. (Marcus needed some directions, though, so Black Dragon had to lead him to the door before leaving for real.)

At the door, Marcus checked the door with the light of his DSi, read the riddle, then laid out the cards in front of himself. While arranging the cards, he got memories of the times he rescued the judges, as well as scenes of Persona 3 and Persona 4, though, suddenly, he got a memory of his parents (off panel in the actual comic) telling Marcus that they could not afford to send Marcus to Sinnoh anymore, and they would want to continue to visit part of his family in teh Dominican Republic. (Marcus actually lives in Puerto Rico.) In the memory, Marcus actually understand, but was never-the-less having a bit of trouble coming to terms. Back in the present, Marcus placed the cards in a cross formation, with "The Sun" being at the top, "The Moon" being at the bottom, and "Ace of Pentacles," "Seven of Cups," and "Page of Wands," in that order, in the middle. (Marcus imagines getting an Evoker, a gun that characters in Persona 3 use to summon their Personae, in the room.) The door glows but fades. Marcus tries to open the door, but the door is locked. However, another card falls down, and Marcus picks up the card from the floor. The card is called "The Eclipse," and there is a noir-like Darkrai on the picture.) Behind the card is a note warning Marcus about the Master of Ceremonies' manipulative and disguise abilities and that the card will open the basement door, thus freeing the captives inside so that the Master of Ceremonies will not have a food supply and have his power weakened. Marcus (not knowing about the real secret due to him having done the puzzle incorrectly), mentally decides that the door was not meant to open, but rather leave him a card that lets him summon his Persona, a Darkrai. At this, Marcus run off, but not to the basement (though the others do not know that). He eventually went to Team Black Dragon, who found Team Sandy (Sandy; Aiko; Candy; Fang; Quartz; Solaris; Tarim). After a hard look to see where is everyone, Marcus then decided to actually try to cuddle Brian (and feel his biceps as well), only for Brian to knock him off. Marcus apologized to the suprised Black Dragon and Sandy, and explains his situation of probably not coming back to Sinnoh ever again, so he want to make the best of what time he has left. Marcus ends up cuddling some of the other Pokemon to get different responses (Blossom really liked the cuddle; Dexter tried not to smile; Solaris got a bit worried due to his injuries, even thoguh Marcus handled with care; Quartz enjoyed the little cuddle, though Quartz was a little sleepy, though not everyone got a hug (He did not want to take his chances with Aiko and Tarim, who do not seem to take the cuddling thing at all; Candy would have Marcus end up in a easily misunderstood situation, one that Marcus tries hard to avoid; Fang is TOO POINTY.) At this, he thanked everyone, excused himself one more time, and went to the basement.

There, he decided to test the "Power of Persona" by trying to shatter the card, that is, crash the card against his head (like Sooji Seta from Persona 4.) Obviously, all he got was a crumpled card. Marcus tried again by stomping on the card, but nothing happened. Marcus got frustrated at this diappointment, but he tried a few things with the card. As he sees the card taking effect, he learns that the card was only good for opening the door and no more. He then enters the basement, and gets caught in a frenzy to get out (led by Iron Maiden). At this, since he wanted to get some party members for the battle, he asked everyone to calm down so that he can analyze things and say goodbye and good fortune to everyone. (During this time, Billy and Kidd notice Peanut and make a bet: whomever faints first has to kiss Peanut.) Marcus also decided that there would be two parties: one to handle outside matters and another to help Marcus in his final battle against the Master of Ceremonies. When the "outside party" left, he ended up having a party of trainers whose Pokemon he tried to cuddle (also due to his "Make the most of my last days in Sinnoh" project): Xiode did some "animal kisses" at Marcus; Kali, while pleased, tried radidng Marcus' pockets, only to have Marcus' DSi and charger; Tantor just took the hug; Lore reacted rather gently and recptively. Even so, Marcus dared not hug certain Pokemon: Ifrit, who is not fond of being cuddled by males; Shiva, who hid behind Ifrit; Shrix, who took an aggressive stance against Marcus; Reneta, who clung to Ciro. Butler took suspicion at the resulting party, that is, Teams Marcus, Karurie, Ozzy, Ciro, Alex, Linqu, and Rain, but Marcus managed to find reasons to justify his present party.

At this point, Marcus and company (Forrest woke up here.) look to see the scenery change into a type of personal library with books and decorations about medieval times (in other word, like Don Quijote's room). Meanwhile, Team Black Dragon (with the other party members Marcus left behind) end up going into a room that seemed to look like a school that Team Snagem took over, with a shadow-like copy of Black Dragon in the middle. Team Mary Sue (Mary Sue; Bella; Brutus; Moe Kawaii Desu-tan; Sugar) end up into what seems to be an anime wonderland, but with a shadow-like Mary Sue in the middle. (Every party is part of a different reality and is not concious of the other parties.) There, the person's shadow selves taunt the other about their respective fears: Marcus' fear of losing his mind like Don Quijote and having his Asperger's Syndrome get the better of him for good, Black Dragon's fear of losing control and his friends, and Mary Sue's insecurity of her whole self-image (her high self-opinion being only a front). The Master of Ceremonies then claims that the other is him (that is, the other's shadow), purposefully playing into Marcus' knowledge of video games (more specifically: Persona 4) so that Marcus would not fight back. Marcus gfets ready to buy the lie, but then a Bible verse flies into Marcus' mind: "Try every spirit." Marcus then sees throguh the whole sham and declares (along with the others) "You're not me!" The Mster of Ceremonies, while achnowledging Marcus' insight, noties that "the others" fueled him with rage and insecurity, and so he transforms into a type of mix between a medieval suit of armor, a fire stack, and some heart-shaped weapons. EVerybody tries to attack him, but to no avail. The Master of Ceremonies also successfuly plays into their fears, thus fueling himself more. At what seems that he does not know that he would ever win, his Bible comes out of the cart. Marcus wonders: if the Bible had him discern the Master of Ceremonies' lie, why could not the Bible be the way to defeat him? After all, despair made him stronger, and is God not the antidote to that? So, Marcus went, opened his Bible and actually read verses towards the Master of Ceremonies. Even so, the Bible did not seem to have effect. Marcus was very sure that the Bible was the answer, and looks in his Bible for an answer. Coincidentally or not, the Bible was open at a parable about forgiveness, and Marcus immediately remembered Issac and Noodles. His grudge against them was keeping him from winning! The Master of Ceremonies notices Marcus' predicament, and taunts Macus' faith and his hypocrisy. That ended up being the drive to have Marcus drop the grudge against Issac and Noodles for not doing what he wanted and apologizing them in his heart. Marcus then read the parable to the Master of Ceremonies, which actually had him feel pain. Everybody looked at Marcus, then proceeded to defend Marcus as he kept reading. Eventually, with the verses "Perfect love casts off fear" and "God is love," the Master of Ceremonies ended up shriveling up, turning into his "Shadow Marcus" form.

Marcus ended up looking at the Shadow. He took out a stylus from his DS system, pondering, considering how he learned about reality, as to whether re-enact video games one last time for a long while. When the realities start to merge, Marcus, out of impulse, immediately decided to go for it. He ended up doing a "Witch Touch" (Doki Doki Majo Shinpan) on the Master of Ceremonies, who said in the end that Marcus will never find out who he really is, before disappearing. At the end, Marcus was surrounded by everyone who pitched in. Marcus then proceeded to cuddle the judge's Pokemon (as well as Oliver's and Junction), all with different responses by themselves: Puck and Bulkhead were rather receptive to Marcus' gift; Zachary was even hugging Marcus in return, much to Marcus' pleasure; Chipai rubbed its face against Marcus'; Anubis was eased only at recognizing who was Marcus; Junction, while telling Marcus not to mess up his hair, was just pleased at this gift he took as a reward for a job well done. Marcus even pushed himself to hug Noodles, who liked the prospect, but Issac sounded displeased at Marcus, so Marcus ended this. Once again, not everyone was willing: Duke looked displeased at the idea; Chris, while getting cuddled, felt surprised and timid, so Marcus had to let him go; Marril got colse to fainting due to the shyness, so Marcus had to let him go, as well; Blitz, who got embarassed, hid behind Karurie; Capone pulled out his gun and turned around, giving a "too cool for hugs" look; Steve took a more aggressive stance, so Marcus just left his top hat, monocle, and cane while running away; Surt just used his psychic powers to push off Marcus. Mary Sue, seeing the cuddle-fest, offered her VERY unhealthy (to put this mildly) Eevee, Moe Kawaii Desu-tan. Marcus responded by hiding behind ED-209. Mary Sue then notices Ms. Meyer (of whom she forgot until now) and tries to get him to her side, but Ms. Meyer hid behind Marcus. For a minute, whenever Mary Sue turned, so did Ms. Meyer, Marcus, and ED-209. Mary Sue then gets angry at how he think he's too good for her, and then ends up disowning him. Marcus felt apalled at this, but Ms. Meyer definitely did not seem to want to let go of Marcus side, much to MMarcus' distress and Butler's disgust. After all that, Marcus noticed that Billy and Kidd, who both fainted, were arguing about who had to kiss Peanut, but Marcus, displeased about the idea of betting, decided to solve the bet his way: by kissing Peanut himself. He felt rather digusted at just having to hug him; his (light) kiss was enough to hacve Marcus run for the bathroom. However, Faye and Capone, for some reason, remember that they have to go to the bathroom themselves, so Capone, Faye, and Marcus are all fighting at the bathroom door, all while Brian and Butler look ath the calamity in disbelief. Faye then proceeded with a Solar Beam while Capone fired a Hyper Beam. Marcus, scared, ran out of the way, which ended up being a good decision on Marcus' part, since they knocked each other out. Marcus, a little confused at the whole thing, never the less entered the bathroom.

I shall explain everything later. Excuse me.

Also, I am sorry about all the length here. This was actually meant to be 3 scripts, but I had to fuse them all together. I shall split them soon, but I have to go to sleep now.
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