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Marcus: "...
Uh... Thank you?"
Anti: "Just... forget about it. Take this and go."
*Marcus takes and hides the object rather sercetively*
Anti: (You know that those aren't such a big secret anymore, right?)
"Anyways, I have to go before that Master of Ceremonies causes even MORE irreparable damage. Before I go, I want to tell you that you won't always have your Pokémon to bail you out here, so you ave to do something about yourself before you go on almost killing yourself like that."
Marcus: "...
Well, if my bare hands will not suffice..."
*searches a bit*
Anti + Billy + Kidd: (Eugh.)
Marcus: *picks up a sizeable stick*
/holding out the stick/ "I can improvise."
Anti: "Marcus, that's a stick."
Marcus: "So? This worked for Roxas, so why not me?"
Anti: "He is a VIDEO GAME character!"
/scene quickly switches to Roxas and Xion eating ice cream on the clock tower/
*Roxas sneezes*
Xion: "Roxas! Are you all right?"
Roxas: "I'm fine. I just..."
*sneezes twice, almost falling off the tower*
Xion: *grabbing him*
"Whoa! What's wrong with you??"
/This scene turns out to be nothing more than a video game scene/
Aaron: /holding the DS/ *looks confused at the incident*
Edd: /mockingly/ "Even Nobodies aren't safe from the swine flu! Waaaaa!"
/back to the inside of the building/
Marcus: "...either way, I have to do something. Excuse me, but...
/Anti and Ten are already off/
Marcus: "...
...time to go."
Billy: "You need us now more than ever, you know that?"
Marcus: "..."
*all three enter hole*

[Here, Marcus re-plays the part where Blue-Uncia had used Marcus in her Tourney Entries, which ends with Marcus supposedly leaving the building]

Marcus: ...
"Wrong game, Master of Ceremonies!"
*Billy and Kidd are looking around themselves all confused*
Marcus: "Do not ask me; you just disappeared when I...
*spots Chief's mini-gun, apparently left discarded*
*rushes to grab such*
*Touch Detective interface comes up* /title: "Mega Gun"/
  • /anywhere/ (That is a BIG gun!)
  • /handle/ (Do I hold it here?)
  • /tube where bullets leave/ (The bullets come out here...
  • What a lot of strength...)

*switches to stick*
  • /stem/ (Other than looking like the one Roxas had...
    ...this is not much.)
  • /fork/ (Maybe I can hold on to something with this part...)

Billy: "Hey, what is that?"
Marcus: *looks at mega-gun*
"I found this. Do not expect me to use it, though; I barely have any idea how to use this mega-gun...
...or how much artillery remains..."
Billy: "Well drop it! Who knows how you bad you can mess up with THAT!"
Marcus: "If I keep this, this mega-gun will be out of the hands of one who CAN use this, whether he be with us or not. Also, I think this can be used as evidence for our case."
Billy: "What're you: a lawyer?"
Marcus: "People call me that..."
Billy: -_-
Marcus: "Anyways, we should go, but where?
Billy + Kidd: "'A hole'?"
*Marcus is already running off*
Kidd: "That must be some important hole!"
/back to Marcus/
Marcus: /is running off/
"Maybe I can use this to rescue someone... that guy who likes to work...
Ciro DeLithe, is he?
He reminds me of that Hsiao-Chai guy from Pili...
...except that Mr. DeLithe did not bring that upon himself, right?"
/scene switches to one of Ye Hsiao-Chai/
Hsiao Chai: "Adjjj!"
/Once again, this proves to be fiction. Aaron was watching a YouTube video./
Edd: "No wonder there's a lot of sneezing when you're around!"
/mocking/ "You're contagious! Get off of me!"
Aaron: /annoyed/
/scene goes back to Marcus/
Marcus: "Eto..."
*notices a type of block rushing forward*
(To where does that block lead??)
*runs around*
*notices cart* /from 1st round/
*dumps everything in cart*
*rides in*
*manages to knock the cart off the rail*
*puts himself and the cart in front of the block, trying to obstruct the block*
*Billy and Kidd manage to catch up with them*
Billy: "If you did not want us-- waaa!
WHAT'RE YOU DOING???" /steamed/
Marcus: "I have this feeling that this block must NOT arrive to its detination!"
Kidd: "I think he's onto somethin'!"
Billy: "Shuddup and just save him again!"
*the two get alongside Marcus in trying to stop the block*
Forrest: *peeks*
"Waa! Why is he--
...and who are--"
Marcus: "Mr. Forrest! Try to stop this!"
Forrest: "...but you'll get crushed!"
Kidd: "So why don't we break it?"
Billy (Kidd): "That's all and nice Kid, but we have ABOUT A MILE OF..."
*Marcus already took his stick and mega-gun*
Billy (Kidd): "You GOTTA keep your mouth shut."
*Forrest just manages to reach and starts doing a Sky Uppercut on the block*
*Billy uses Cotton Spore while Kidd uses Thunder Punch*
*Billy follows with Pin Missle*
*Marcus: *tries to hold the mega-gun*
"Here I gooooo!"
*Marcus manages to shoot a bullet...
...but just one, as Marcus discovers*
*the attacks manage to blow off the block*
The four: *all fall*
Marcus: "Waaaa....
I knew that this mega-gun could help...
I think there are no more bullets, though..."
*turns around*
Billy: "Marcus, I think we have come to the conclusion that we can't afford to let--"
*Billy turn arounds as well*
*Forrest and Kidd notice that Irwin, the old mascot, was held at the wall, supposedy meant to be crushed by that block*
Marcus: "...
...may you please, if I am not causing even more trouble..."
*Billy and Kidd already fred Irwin* /Cotton Spore and Drain Punch/
*Irwin skips happily and cuddles Marcus*
Marcus: *proceeds to collect everything from the cart*
*notices a random cylinder*
/Touch Detective Interface/
Marcus: (Do these come out of guns when you shoot them? I might as well keep this...)
/back to the actual events/
*notices that everyone is looking at him*
"So that I will not have any regrets later..."
[Forrest] "Remember that computer room we went?"
Forrest: "Of course. Were you planning on going there?"
Marcus: "Of course. If I go there, I might get something of importance. I was there back then, hence why I called myself such a serious idiot for missing that."
Kidd: "...but what about that hole you mentioned?"
Marcus: "...
'AHO,' I said. That means the same thing."
....not as 'hole,' I mean.
Just... follow me. I promise I willl not get us in trouble."
*the five walk off*
Marcus: *notices Forrest is not with Butler*
"Wait, what happened to Mr. Butler?"
Forrest: "Oh, I am sorry. He...
...had to sacrifice himself so that you could be able to rescue the next judge!"
Marcus: !
Forrest: "They wanted us to give ourselves up so that the next judge you rescue would be alive, and Butler decided to offer himself! All that he said before disappearing was that he will find out what's happening on the other side to all of the captured Pokemon... and then..."
Marcus: "Oh, dear... All I know is tht he knows what he is doing..."
*the five end up at the computer room*
Marcus: *looks around*
*notices a prominient computer*
/at the halls/
*the cmaeras start getting crazy*
*Marcus is doing a "Witch Touch" on the computer*
*the background is blue with the screens looking like something is about to be deleted*
*Marcus pokes around the keyboard* /2 H/
*binoculars glow*
*screen zooms into a typing keyboard*
*Marcus pokes all around that area a lot*
*back to full computer shot*
*Marcus pokes at screens* /6 H/
*background turns green as the computer looks stable yet locked out*
*Marcus looks at screens and pokes and looks at keyboard* /16 H/
*Marcus continues*
*background turrs into fallig yellow* /25 H/
*Marcus looks around a lot* /47 H/
*Marcus proceed with touching*
*background turns orange while looking a little looser with security* /50 H/
/scene switches to the Pokémon/
Forrest: "Could you please be careful? You do not know what this can do."
Billy: "Yeah, as you know, that gave us problems TWICE!"
Kidd: "Don'worry! He's got the magic touch with these technoogically things!"
/switches back to Witch Touch/
*background is pink with screens showing some folder hierarchy*
*Marcus pokes at screen, then at keyboard* /17 H/
*Marcus pokes enter button* /Total: 18 H/
Marcus: "Wait... What is this?"
*takes out DSi*
*hold out system as he watches a few videos*
  • Brian beating Solaris
  • Solaris beating Brian!
  • Chief undegoing some Revenge of the Fallen-related torture
  • Solaris defeating ED-209
  • Marcus inspecting ED-209
  • Mary Sue getting all scrambled and hungry
  • Black Dragon undergoing a PTSD breakdown with the mega-gun
  • Oliver failing with the mega-gun
  • Big Bad restraining Irwin for the blow
  • Marcus ollowing with Black Dragon's plan
  • Marcus following Sandy
  • Butler sacrificing himself towards Issac so that Marcus could actually save Anti and Ten!

Marcus: *had finished taking photographs*
"OK desu. I think I got enough. I just hope no one finds the computer room.
Ihihi... I just quoted my favourite Sonic character..."
/once again, the scene changes to Vector, Charmy, and Espio floating due to a huge bubble-gum bubble/
*Vector sneezes once, causing the buble to pop and the three to fall*
Aaron: *looks at his misfortune*
(Si escucho a alguien estornudar...) /(If I hear someone sneeze...)/
/zooms at his furious eye/
(...UNA VEZ MÁS...) /(...ONE MORE TIME...)/
/scene goes back to the REAL computer room/
Marcus: "...
...where do I go now? I do not think that I would be safe here anymore."
Billy: "You should get to finding the other judges...
...that is, if you do not get them killed first."
Marcus: "OK desu."
Billy: *interferes with Marcus trying to get Irwin*
"Just leave the little guy with us. You can't go around carrying extra risk!"
Kidd: "Don't worry! You can count on us!"
Marcus: "No worries. I thank you Cacnea-san and Cacturne-sama!"
Billy: "Would you quit that '-san' stuff???"
Marcus: *Running off with Forrest* "I leave Mr. Irwin in your care!"
*Marcus and Forrest are at the hall* /fork at the road/
Forest + Marcus: ...
/barks and bellows down the right door/
/hissing and screaming behind the left/
Marcus: "Eto..."
/imaginary sequence/
Marcus: "Here!"
Butler: "Marcus! You stay out of this!"
*Anubis immidiately attacks Butler*
/back to reality/
Marcus: "Euuuuuww..."
" the left!"
*Marcus barges through the left door with Forres behind him*
*an empty hall appear with Sara and Zachary keeping Karuie and Blitz hostage*
Sara: "So, you decided to abandon the cries of your precious Butler!"
Marcus /scared/: "...B... Butler is a big boy; he can take care of himself!"
Sara: "...says the one who has no idea what he was doing?"
Marcus: "...
/still a little scared/ "You know..."
Sara: "Speak up before Zachary grinds you down."
Marcus: "Back then, on the night of His sacrifice...
Jesus could have sent twenty angels on the spot as revenge for the abuse He got, but...
He instead said that they only had power over Him because He gave them that power, and...
Sara: "So you're just gonna believe some two-thousand-year old book about someone who doesn't even exist???"
Marcus: "...I say that you only have that power because God allowed so. Who know when He decides to...
take that power away from you...
...and give some to me...?"
Sara: "Oh?"
/getting scary-close to Marcus/ "So you are saying that YOU and that Mario reject will be getting the Master of Ceremonies treatment AWAY from US???"
Marcus: /whispering/ "...
Well, you can not really predict God..."
*Bulkhead, Capne, and Chuef barge into the room with a shout*
Marcus: /looking at them/ "...and I get unpredicted and unpredictable help."
/to Chief/ "Mr. Chief???"
Chief: "What? You helped me back then, so it's time to return the favour! Besides, you dreamed about this happening, right??"
*Marcus is very-VERY embarassed*
Sara: "Well, if the big ape and the wimpy otaku are done with their mushy reunion, we can start with our battle, now!"
Marcus: "Yes, please!"
/to Forrest/ "Senor Boske, usa sus Drenadoras, por favor!" /Mr. Forrest, use your Leech Seed, please!/
Chief: "Bulkhead, Capone, show no mercy."
Forrest: (Now Marcus wants to keep everything in Spanish...
Ah, well. He must want security in his commands, I guess.)
*Forrest attempts Leech Seeds, but Zachary just knocks them off*
*Bulkhead uses Hydro Pump and Capone uses Hyper Beam, but Zachary dodges them all*
Chief: "Rrrr..."
Marcus: "Blitznak..."
Sara: "Why, you just keep on failing! Zachary, finish off that Mushroom Boy with Aerial Ace!"
Marcus: "No-no-no-no-no..."
*Forrest runs around looking for a hiding place*
*Bulkhead gets in the way and uses Ice Beam*
*Zachary just flies off*
*Capone uses his gun to keep Forrest away*
Capone: /in Pokemon language/ "You need to keep your head on your shoulders."
Chief: "Marcus...
...forget it. Bulkhead, don't just stand there! Keep going!"
Marcus: "Boske, usted sabes de ese juego de la escala? Usted sabes..." /Mr. Forrest do you know that scale game? You know.../
"Ben, ben, ben, ben..."
*mimicks flicking action* "BAN!"
Forrest: (He's talking about that game he keeps playing, right?)
*Zachary used Thunderfang at Bulkhead*
Marcus: "Tira una Drenadora cuando digo 'BAN!'" /Throw a Leech Seed when I say "Ban!"/
Forrest: (Okay, that's odd.)
Chief: "Hurry up! We got a judge to save!"
Marcus: "Ben, ben..."
*Zachary is dodging beams*
Marcus: "...ben, ben..."
*Zachary is lunging towards Forrest*
Marcus: "BAN!"
*Forrest spits a Leech Seed*
*Capone's Hyper Beam disintegrates the Leech Seed while missing Zachary but making a hole in the auditorium*
*Zachary's Aerial Ace hits Forrest hard*
Marcus: "Mr. Chief!"
Chief: "Well, I don't stay around talking to my Pokemon in a way that I DON'T UNDERSTAND!"
Marcus: /taken aback/ "You make too much a mess, though."
*Zachary uses Thunder Fang on Bulkhead*
Chief: "What fun is in keeping things all restrained?"
Marcus: "Actually reaching your target IS plenty fun..."
Sara: "Wahaha! You two are so disruptive; my work is actually made--"
*suddenly looks broken down*
Chief: "Huh? What's happening?"
Marcus: "Is God taking away her power?"
Chief: -_- "Would you please stop with that talk--"
Sara /looking more normal/: "Please! I wish that you wouldn't fight against each other! Marcus, I know you wouldn't hold any hard feelings against anyone, especially not Chief! Chief, you know who the real enemy is!"
*the other are paying attention to the "Old" Sara*
Sara: "Look, I will not be able to stay like this forever, so I want you to sort things out, or else the Master of Ceremonies will make quick work of you!"
Marcus: *quickly turns to Chief*
"Oh, I am so sorry about what I said! Let's... just move on!"
Chief: "Yes, please."
*looks at mega-gun*
"So, you found my mini-gun?"
Marcus: "'MINI'??? This is HUGE!"
Chief: "...
You have low gun expectations, but now's not the time."
Marcus: "Sorry. Others seemed to have used it, since I only could get out ONE bullet."
*looks at Forrest*
/to Forrest/ "Mr. Forrest, may you please give me a few of your Leech Seeds?"
*Forrest produces a few*
/to Chief/ "Why do you not put a few of these in your gun? These can give Mr. Forrest's health a boost."
Chief: "ou know, this can actually be a good idea!"
*Sara and Zachary start to distort again*
Marcus + Forrest: !
Chief: *finishes stocking the Leech Seeds*
"All irght, let's go!"
Marcus: "Mr. Forrest, please stay put."
*Forrest stands his ground*
Chief: "Capone, another Hyper Beam, now!"
*Capone chages another Hyper Beam*
Sara: "Dodge and use Dragonbreath!"
*Zachary dodges the Hyper Beam and fires a Dragon Breath*
*Capone runs off*
?: "AAAAAA!!!"
Zachary: ?
*Capone blasts at Zachary from afar with the Leech Seeds*
*Zachary cries out as the Leech Seeds zap his health*
Marcus: *notices Zachary's open mouth*
"...BombaLodoensubocaporfavor!" /...SludgeBombinhismouthplease!/
*Forrest fires Sludge Bombs at Zachary's mouth*
Zachary: !
*gets very poisoned*
Marcus: "Yu-pi!"
Chief: "Bulkhead! Finish the job!"
Bulkhead: *gets on all fours*
*fires a Focus Blast at the gagging Zachary*
*Capone leaps in and fires a Hyper Beam*
*two holes get blasted off the wall on the other side*
*Zachary is down all shivering*
Chief + Marcus: "Hail to the Chief, baby!"
*Marcus: *looks at Zachary*
*runs and beats Zachary with his stick*
Chief: "Who-who-whoa! Marcus! Calm down! She won't be daring to mess with us again!"
/shot at Sara/
Chief: "That is, if she does not want any more pain..."




I am running out of time here...
I rescued Kalani in this round with Chief's help. I also put in the sacrifice I meant to do the last round but had to leave out due to space issues.

I will pretty everything later!


Okay. Now is "later"!
Either way, I do not really 100% like this entry. A lot of things went right for Marcus here, so Marcus seems like a Marty Stu here.... :iconevokerplz:.
In all seriousness, I did not want to be seen as a fanatical Chief fanboy, so I did not really want to use Chief, but the other judges already helped Marcus (and Anti would not want to bother with Marcus again), so Chief was left by default. Even so, though the battle itself could have gone a bit better, I think there was enough characterization that resulted from the pairing (due to their contrasting battle ideologies), so I doubt there was a total loss. Besides, Chief got his megamini-gun back! (How to Train Your Dragon helped some here...)

Also, by "wrong game," he is referencing to the fact that his time in the flashback was like Kingdom Hearts: ReChain of Memories, yet his moment with the stick was like Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days.

...yes; I fit the sacrifice here when I could not really at the last round. No; not even I am sure as to whether Butler was in the other door.
...yes; I wimped out on putting the reference to Blue-Uncia's entry here. Yes; I may put in the part here.; Roxas, Xion, Ye Hsiao-Chai, Vector, Charmy, and Espio do not exist in this world. I just had a running gag with them.

By the way, if this was an anime,this song would play at the block-blocking part. (This is the reason.)

Here goes for a better round the next time!
...that uses moderate use of video game references! :iconotlplz:

Blastoise; Lickitung; Aerodactyl -> Pokémon Green/Red -> Pokémon -> Creatures/GameFreak -> Nintendo
Totodile; Ursaring -> Pokémon Gold/Silver -> Pokémon -> Creatures/GameFreak -> Nintendo
Breloom; Cacnea; Cacturne; Aggron; Glalie; Mightyena; Sceptile; Blaziken; Masquerain -> Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire -> Pokémon -> Creatures/GameFreak -> Nintendo

Bible -> God
Roxas; Roxas' Stick; Xion -> Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days -> Kingdom Hearts -> Disney Interactive + Square Enix
Kingdom Hearts: ReChain of Memories -> Kingdom Hearts -> Disney Interactive + Square Enix
Ye Hsiao-Chai -> Pili
Vector/ Charmy/ Espio -> Knuckles Chaotix -> Sonic Team -> Sega
"Touch Interface" -> Touch Detective -> BeeWorks
Sonic Heroes -> Sonic Team -> Sega
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen -> Michael Bay + Transformers -> Hasbro
"Witch Touch Interface" -> Doki Majo Plus -> Doki Doki Majo Shinpan -> SNK Playmore
ED-209-> RoboCop -> Paul Verhoeven
"Built to Scale" -> Rhythm Heaven Gold -> Tsunku o-> -> Nintendo

Irwin -> :iconpokemonsupercontests:
Anti; Ten -> Ms. :iconantipathy00:
Billy; Kidd; Black Dragon; Brian -> Mr. :iconathens025:
Ciro -> Ms. :iconayracalaenlen:
Sandy; Solaris -> Ms. :iconblue-uncia:
Anubis -> Mr. :iconiron-zing:
Big Bad -> Mr. :iconbigbadcomplex:
Issac -> Mr. :icontoddm:
Sara; Zachary -> Ms. :iconsarydactl:
Karurie; Blitz -> Ms. :iconkarurie:
Chief; Bulkhead; Capone -> Mr. :iconchief-orc:
Marcus; Forrest; Aaron; Edd; Butler -> :iconmarkyvigoroth:

..and just for completeness...

Block-block even derrivated from (prototype of) Osu! Tatakae! Ooendan -> Ooendan -> iNiS -> Nintendo
"Koi no Dance Site" -> Morning Musume
How to Train Your Dragon -> Chris Sanders + Dean DeBois + DreamWorks
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