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/Kate is on the floor all motion-less/
Black Dragon [Ozric]: "Kate's still breathing. We just have to find a way to wake her up."
Sephia: *sniff*
"Does anyone else smell cherry?"
Marcus: *sniff sniff*
"I do..."
Black Dragon + Marcus + Ozric + Sephia: "..."
*take note of Faye, who is using some type of fragrance bottle on himself*
Faye: "What?"
Marcus: "Isn't that Aromatheraphy?"
Black Dragon: "It is. Faye, get over here and try Aromatheraphy on Kate."
Faye: "Why should I? I don't even know if it'll work on humans."
Brian: *picks up Faye*
[Faye] /a little annoyed/ "Then get over there and try."
Faye [Brian]: "...fine; fine!"
*Brian lays down Faye*
*Faye summons a pink mist around Kate*
Kate: *opens eyes*
Ozric [Kate]: "Kate! It's only us, not the MC! You're fine and among friends!!"
Kate [Ozzy]: "Oh, my! I'm sorry, guys! I overreac-"
Faye: *lunges towards Kate*
Kate: "AUGH!"
Faye [Kate]: /pulling Kate's hair/
Black Dragon: *pulls Faye away*
[Kate] "I'm sorry about Faye, guys. He's a wired and hyper one, sometimes."
[Faye] "Cool it, Faye."
Kate [Black Dragon]: "It's okay. Is that Lazuli over there?"
Sepia [Kate]: "That's your Marril?"
Kate [Sepia]: "She is! We got separated a while back. I'm glad to see she's here..."
Ozric [Black Dragon]: "Maybe Faye's Aromatheraphy can heal Lazuli?"
Black Dragon [Ozric]: "...worth a shot."
[Faye] "Faye?"
Faye [Black Dragon]: "I'll see what I can do."
*summons mist around Lazuli as well*
*Lazuli jumps for joy*
Kate: *huggles Lazuli*
*notices Marcus*
[Marcus] "Excuse me, but could you come with me for a bit?"
Marcus: /worried/
*automatically brandishes imaginary Keyblade out of spite*
Kate: "Wa--"
[Marcus] "Don't act like that! I just want to tell you a secret."
*looks around herself*
Marcus: *relaxes a bit*
*walks with her at some distance from the rest of the team*
*the rest of the team see her talk with Marcus*
Kate: *gets a bit more secretive*
*does something to Marcus, but the team can not see her*
*Marcus seems to be lost in thought for a bit*
*they both go back*
Kate: "We should probably watch all the entrances. The MC'll get suspicious when he finds all the cameras shut off."
Ozric: "Okay."
Sepia: "Sure."
Marcus: "Let's go."
Kate [Black Dragon]: "Hey, Black Dragon?"
Black Dragon [Kate]: "Anything amiss, Ms. Kate?"
Kate [Black Dragon]: "Yes. I can't stay here."
Black Dragon [Kate]: "Why not? We can defend this place..."
Kate [Black Dragon]: "It's not that I don't trust you. I have to keep moving, or the MC will catch me again for sure."
Black Dragon [Kate]: "I understand. Get going."
Kate [Black Dragon]: "Remember-"
Black Dragon [Kate]: "I understand."
"Get going... before trouble arrives."
Kate: *walks off*
[Black Dragon] "I'm sorry... and thanks."
*Black Dragon watches her*
*the room gets a purple tone*
Mary Sue: *is running around very tiredly with some large violet lump on her head, obviously causing pain to her*
(Achhh! I REALLY need a manicure, especially after my old nemesis, Athens Runner, had DARED to DEVASTATE ME, the irreplaceable Mary Sue!)
*stops to catch her breath*
(Noooohhh... I am hungry...
...WAIT! I'm not hungry! I'm just not used to actually running; that's all!) /is VERY bulimic/
(Rrrggh... If only Sparklepuff was here to carry me in the grace I SO deserve....
...but I just HAD to leave him at the Pokéon Center! Why did I have to replace him with Brutus?
He's SOOO UBER handsome and cool and pretty! It's a good thing I taught him how to sparkle in the sun! Of course, he can NEVER relpace my precious, cute, lovely, sweet, adorable Moe Kawaii Desu-tan!)
*cuddles an imaginary Moe Kawaii Desu-tan*
(Oh, but my poor sweetums Brutus and precious, sweet Bella need to rest for a while, especially since that meanie shattered such a fantastic Pokémon!)
*looks around herself*
...must... hide...
After all, I'm so SURE, from the bottom of my ever-lastingly infinite heart that that DESPICABLE Athens is RIGHT on my tail, just because he is JEALOUS of my uber-mega grace and beauty! I mean, why else should be mad at me? I know that this is certainly not for kidnapping his Pokémon, CERTAINLY not for forcing them to fight against that "Nintendo TX-bye" kid, since he was suposed to fight him anyways, and CERTAINLY not for threathening to terminate their lives if they lose.
No... not at all...)
*looks down the hall, noticing some doors*
*zooms forward and slams the doors behind her*
/triumphantly/ "Lost 'em!"
Some chilly voice [Mary Sue]: "...lost who?"
Mary Sue: !
(Maybe this wasn't the best place to hide...)
/back at the central room/
Marcus [Black Dragon]: "...nothing so far, Mr. Black Dragon!"
*notes that Black Dragon is at the doorway*
"Where is Ms. Kate?"
Balck Dragon [Marcus]: "...
She had to move, she said...
The other contestants...
...needed to be warned..."
Marcus: "She left alone?? That's dangerous!"
Ozric [Black Dragon]: "WWhich way did she go? We can go after her and make sure she's-"
Black Dragon: "NO. She has to do this alone. A single person can move better undetected than a group. Besides, Kate is a strong lass. She'll be fine."
Sephia: /pointing forward up/
"Anyone notice that there is a balcony we haven't been watching this entire time?"
Black Dragon + Marcus + Ozric + Sephia: "..."
*notice the semi-transformed Aerodactyl*
/Butler + Faye + Monoxide + Radon look aggressive, but Forrest looks worried/
Sepia: /shocked/ "Oh, it's Zachary!"
Marcus: "Is that even an Aerodactyl?"
Black Dragon: "I don't think we want it close enough to find out."
Zachary: /swirly eyes/ "GRANR"
*swoops forward*
Marcus: /a little desperate/ "Forrest: Sludge Bomb, and Butler: Shadow Ball, please!"
Sepia: "Mono: Water Pulse! Radon: Dark Pulse!"
*Butler + Forrest + Monoxide + Radon charge and launch attacks*
Zachary: *dodges them all*
*lunges forward semivore-style*
Brian: *intercepts*
*smacks down Zachary's head*
Black Dragon: "We have to get out of here! That won't keep him down for long!"
*the others run*
*the rest run*
Sepia *notes stairs*: "Do you think he can climb stairs??"
Ozric: "...only one way to find out..."
"Everybody up!"
*everybody goes up*
Ozric [Kali]: "Kali, Focus Punch the stairs! Knock them down!"
*Kali does so*
*Zachary can not go through*
*Ozric links knuckles with Kali*
Marcus: "Whew! That was a close one!"
Sepia: "...except we jumped out of the pan... and into the fire!! LOOK!"
*a slightly distorted Zing, crazed Anubis, and flytap-like Noodles present themselves*
Ozric: "Aw man... Zing? Anubis? Noodles? Is that you?"
Zing: " the flesh, rock bottom!"
[Anubis + Noodles] "Sic 'em!"
*Anubis and Noodles go all wild on the team*
Black Dragon + Marcus + Ozric + Sepia: "WAAAA!!!!"
*try to run off*
*all tumble, including Dottie and Team Sandy*
Dottie [Sandy]: " much for your stair plan, huh, missy?"
*Black Dragon and Sandy try to escape, but...*
Black Dragon: "We're surrounded."
Zing: "Well, well well... It's about time these two met."
[Big Bad] "Yo, Big Bad, what should we do to a couple of wanna-be heroes like these guys??"
Big Bad: "They are supposed to fight. Let's make 'em squirm..."
Black Dragon [allies]: "Listen, guys. Capture is not an option. Escape is our top priority. If we play this right, you'll get to escape..."
Sepia: "What's the plan?"
Sandy: "...fight?? Man...
...but which one of them do I face? There's four of them, each with two monsters to pick...
I'll just have to wing it."
[Solaris] "Solly, putm the lady down."
*Solaris puts down Dottie*
Dottie: *smacks off Solaris' hand, angering him*
"...all this excitement and not one cup of coffee."
[Solaris] "Thanks for nothing, you mangy bird. I'll be on my way--"
Bg Bad: *intercepts*
"I don't think so, Dottie. No one leaves."
/Code Lyoko eyes/ [Sandy] "Sandy, get fighting, or there will be plenty of blood for you to mop the floor with."
Zing: /a few fangs/ [Black Dragon] "...and you, furtard! Get fighting! ...and don't worry 'bout your friends. We'll keep a good eye on them..."
Sandy [Black Dragon]: "Give up now, sir. They want us to fight, but if we remain strong, then we can get out of here quickly..."
Black Dragon [Sandy]: "You want me to take a fall? ...not likely. Losing is not an option here..."
[Brian] "Brian, you're up."
Sandy [Solaris]: "...Grass-type, Solly. Let's make this quick."
Zing: "...Coordinator vs. Ex-Champion? This should be fun! ...fighting begins... now!"
Black Dragon: "...Ex-Champion??"
[Brian] "...on your toes, Brian!"
*Brian and Solaris get to fighting*
Marcus: *looks inside his shirt*
*the Bible is in a kind of squished top hat, and the cane is at his shoulder*
(Oh, dear...
Why are You...
*runs out of words*
Black Dragon: "...Ace and Leaf Blade!"
*Marcus takes notice that Brian swiped Solaris upward with Brian's tail*
Black Dragon [allies]: "Alright, guys...
Marcus [Butler]: "Butler: Double Team, please!"
Zing: "What--"
*a lot of illusions of Butler + Forrest + Marcus appear in front of Zing*
*the others fight a lot, but Dottie is sleeping*
*...that is... until Dottie wakes up from a shock from a wall*
Dottie: "WHA WHO'S THERE??"
/a little aggravated/ "Who doesn't know better that to mess with my nap??"
Big Bad /still with Code Lyoko eyes/ [Ozric]: "What's the matter, Ozzy? much of a failure that you can't even hit me once?"
Ozric [Big Bad]: "I'll show you failure..."
Black Dragon [Ozric] /with purple mist under the mask/: "Ozric, no!"
Ozric [Tantor]: "Tantor: Earthquake!"
*Tantor crashes down the whole floor, bringing everybody (including the robots) down with the floor*
*the roof cracks above Chief*
Chief: ?
*a bit of roof knocks off Chief's helmet*
*Chief checks the material*
*everything crashes down*
Zing [Black Dragon]: "Congratulations, Black Dragon."
*Black Dragon is on the floor, coughing purple mist*
Zing: [Black Dragon]: "You won."
Black Dragon [Zing]: *coughs*
"What are you--"
"--talking about?"
Big Bad [Black Dragon]: "Don't play stupid. You beat your oppoment, Sandy Gano. Now, it's time for us to collect the losers..."
Black Dragon [Big Bad]: *stand up with more mist*
"Leave them..."
*coughs and hacks*
Zing [Black Dragon]: "...and why should we? you can start a little army under our nose? ...pathetic."
*grows wings* "What about Sandy? You had no trouble with her Blaziken, did you?"
Black Dragon: "..."
Zing [Black Dragon]: "Now I guess you won't ever see her again..."
Black Dragon: *coughs*
[Zing] "No...!"
"Bring her--"
*hacks and coughs*
Big Bad [Black Dragon]: *picks up Sepia and Ozric* "...and these two? ...can't even keep them in line... How sad..."
*disappears with them*
Black Dragon: *wheezes*
[Big Bad] "Where--"
Zing: *picks up Marcus*
[Black Dragon] *What about him? This one is so weak... He even came back! a lamb to the slaughter!*
Marcus: (Oh, dear...
*Zing disappears with Marcus*
Black Dragon [Zing]: "NO! Leave them--"
*coughs WAY too much*
Marcus: *falls over in some REALLY dark room*
/shocked/ "Baaa!"
*tries to look inside his shirt in an attempt to check if his goods are all right*
Ozric: "Ow, doh. Where are we?"
Sandy: "I don't know... All I remember is falling in a massive downside..."
[Ozric] "...that Ozric started."
Ozric [Sandy]: "Man, I'm sorry already! I forgot we were on the third floor..."
Sepia [Ozric]: "...sure you did." /being sarcastic/
Sandy: "Wait; shush."
Marcus [Sandy]: "What's that?"
"...the door! Get away from the door!"
Sepia: "Where's the door?"
Sandy: "Augh!"
Kate [Marcus + Ozric + Sandy + Sepia]: "Hey, guys. I thought you were supposed to rescus us judges..."
*Kate, now holding a surfboard, is with Billy, Fang, Kidd, Lazuli, and Quartz*
"...not the other way around."
Sandy: "I can't believe it! You guys got in!"
[Kate] "How...?"
Kate [Sandy]: "They were wandering around with these four when I found them. They look like they met outside."
Marcus: *petting Blossom and Dexter*
[Kate] "Aren't these Mr. Black Dragon's Ivysaur and Sandslash?"
Kate [Marcus]: "I think so."
Marcus: "Then whose--"
Billy [Marcus]: "We're also with the mask-freak!"
Kate + Sandy: "..."
Marcus: ("Mask-freak?") /odd way to refer to Black Dragon/
Billy [Kate + Sandy]: "What? ...nvere heard a Cacnea talk before?"
Marcus: ("You remind me of Edd...")
Sandy [Billy]: "I've only met a couple of talking Pokémon..."
Billy: "Uh..."
Sandy: "Hey, guys? Umber? Osman? Where are you going?"
/Sepia and Ozric look depressed/
Kate: "It's no use..."
Sandy [Kate]: "Kate??"
Kate: *sniffs*
"We'll die here...
We're gonna die..."
*Kate walks off with Ozric and Sepia*
Sandy [Kate + Ozric + Sepia]: "Guys!"
"Oh, man..."
[Marcus] "Marvin, something's wrong."
Marcus [Sandy]: "It's Marcus, Ms. Sandy."
Sandy: "Sure thing, Mackie!" *performs a thumbs up action*
Marcus (semi-silently and away from her): "Ufufufufufu..."
Sandy [Marcus]: "Com on! We have to stop them!"
*runs off*
"...and try not... to get..."
*stops to see thas she is alone*
/back to Marcus/
Marcus: *looks around himself*
*notices that he wandered off got separated from the others*
"Mamma mia..."
*something starts to sound around him*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "You were all so… easy to deceive."
*Marcus starts to imagine a Mother 3 battle interface* /Marcus/Butler/Forrest vs. Giygas-Claus mix/
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "You rushed right to me, so unaware of what was really happening inside this building…"
*interface switches to Marcus/Black Dragon vs. Gold Angel Shroom*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "It was amusing to watch you at first. Little soldiers in a little war, with little creatures, trying to save their little home."
*interface switches to Butler/Brian vs. Luca + Claus*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "But now, all the pieces are in place. It is time to discard this… façade."
*interface switches to Forrest/Faye vs. Claus in payamas*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "You see, there was always a… larger agenda at work. You could say priorities have changed, since this set-up began. I was never amused by those, flashy… useless things you call contests. Yes. No more use for those."
*interface switches to Marcus/Aaron vs. monochrome Luca*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "The game is finally beginning. Now I wish to see you fight, truly fight, for your lives, for your sanity to hold on to what remains of this place and what this stood for. Yes. Fight even though it is too late."
*interface switches to Marcus/Brendan/Sarah/Edd vs. red scary X*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "You suffer more in the end, when you're… struggling to the very last second. For that small sliver of hope."
*interface switches to Marcus/Black Dragon/Brian/Faye vs. Ghosty Claus*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "You are in my domain now. Here, there is no hope. You can't escape now you see. No one can, even those who have lost, those who have been… 'disposed of'."
*interface switches to Marcus/Chief/Capone/Bulkhead vs. Zombie Claus*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "Only the one who ends this little, "tournament", is allowed to escape."
*interface switches to Marcus/Cancea/Cacturne vs. Red Claus outline*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "To return to a normal life, in a normal world with no worries."
*interface switches to Marcus vs. claus eyes/mouth over red ball*
Voice of Master of Ceremonies: "But the rest will stay here eternally struggling for the light."
Marcus: /has been walking around the whole time/
"That was..."
*notices that there is a bit of debris around a certain fallen robot, ED-209*
*gets closer*
(He looks so cool... yet so helpless...
Such a cool robot under the control of the Master of Ceremonies... How sad...
Wait... maybe... I wonder...)
*ED-209 appears in a "Majo Check" interface with a green background*
*ED-209 looks "tuckered out"*
*Marcus touches E-209's right gun*
ED-209: "You have GRKGKKRRRGGKKKK" /1 H/
*Marcus pauses, then touches, looks and blows at ED-209's visor and radiator area a lot*
*background turns blue*
*ED-209 looks like he is falling apart*
ED-209: "Leave immidiate..." /Total: 1H/
*Marcus slides his finger around over ED-209's legs*
ED-209: "You have GRKGKKRRRGGKKKK" /5 H/
*Marcus touches ED-209's back rocket launchers*
*background turns green*
*ED-209 goes back to looking "tuckered out"*
ED-209: "You are tress..." /10 H/
*Marcus touches and looks cannons as well as looking at their "shooting ends"*
ED-209: "You have GRKGKKRRRGGKKKK" /22 H/
*Marcus blows at the insides of the "shooting ends"*
*background turns yellow with a "flying effect"*
ED-209: "I am now authorized to..." /25 H/
*Marcus, after a pause, touches and looks at everywhere*
ED-209: "Leave immidiate..." /37 H/
*Marcus keeps touching and looking, though now he is also blowing*
ED-209: "You are tress..." /50 H/
*"HEAVENLY 50 H" appears below the heart*
*background turns orange*
ED-209: *changes into a tired sitting pose*
"Leave immidiate..."
*Marcus pokes the radiator-holding area*
ED-209: "Leave immidiate..."
*binoculars glow*
ED-209: "Warning!" /Marcus had selected the binoculars/
*screen is zoomed into where the radiator is supposed to be*
*Marcus touches around and over the area... a lot*
*screen turns back to ED-209 being back in a "sitting tired" pose*
*Marcus looks around area he touched*
ED-209: "You are tress..." /Total: 50 H/
*Marcus, after a pause, looks at inventory*
/DSi: Nintendo's newest handheld console carries new features such as bigger, brighter screens./
*Marcus uses DSi*
ED-209: "You are tress..." /1 H/
*Marcus opens inventory*
/Bible: God's Holy Word feeds your soul and guides your life!/
*Marcus uses Bible*
ED-209: "You have GRKGKKRRRGGKKKK" /2 H/
Marcus: *pauses*
*uses Bible again*
ED-209: "You have GRKGKKRRRGGKKKK" /3 H/
*Marcus uses DSi again*
ED-209: "You are tress..." /4 H/
Marcus: *pauses*
*Marcus opens inventory*
/Top hat: This shiny top hat seems to be Pokémon-sized, albeit a little tall.../
*Marcus uses top hat*
ED-209: "Enemy! Enemy!" /5 H/
Marcus: *pauses*
*opens inventory*
/Cane: This apparently Pokémon-sized cane seems to be merely for style./
*Marcus uses cane*
ED-209: "Enemy! Enemy!" /6 H/
*Marcus checks inventory*
/Monocle: This monocle seems to be too big for most Pokémon.../
*Marcus uses monocle*
*background turns red*
ED-209: *now looks rather functional, pointing with his right gun*
"Enemy! Enemy!" /7 H/
*Marcus touches right gun*
ED-209: "You have GRKGKKRRRGGKKKK" /9 H/
*Marcus looks at left gun*
ED-209: *points with his left gun instead*
"Leave immidiate..."/11 H/
*Marcus looks at radiator-holding area*
ED-209: "Leave immidiate..." /Total: 11H/
*Marcus blows at radiator-holding area*
*Marcus blows at insides of guns*
ED-209: "Leave immidiate..." /6 H/
*Marcus looks and touches at insides of guns and along the length of ED-209's arms*
ED-209: "Danger! Disabling of normal functions detected! Self-destructing in 30 seconds!" /Total: 12 H/
/setting returs to normal/
*Half-Minute Hero timer appears on top of panels*
*scrambles around, looking everywhere*
*notices Anti and Ten stuck at the ceiling with some types of metal full-body restraints that cover everything except their eyes*
*Billy and Kidd come in*
Marcus: "Ah! ...Cacnea-san and Cacturne-sama!"
Billy: "Agg...
Names' Billy and Kidd!!"
Marcus: (Billy?
...but you sound like a girl...
...and Cacturne-sama is SO not a kid...)
Billy: "Lemme guess. You have to rescue that judge and get rid of that robot."
ED-209: "Self-destructing in 20 seconds!"
Billy: "You're hopeless."
*uses Cotton Spore on the restraints on Anti + Ten*
"Kidd, use Drain Punch on those restraints!" /Marcus is in a kiddy bliss in the background due to the Cotton Spore/
*Kidd swipes a Drain Punch at both restraints*
Marcus: *automatically rushes to catch them*
*cathces them, but Ten is too heavy for Marcus' hands*
*all notice ED-209*
ED-209: "Self-destructing in 10 seconds!"
Marcus: "Cacturne-sama and Mr. Ten, I want you to knock him over that wall!" /rather worried/
Anti: "WHAT?? You wan--"
Marcus: "PLEASE!"
Billy: "You'd better lis'en to him..."
Anti: "...all right; go for it!"
*Kidd and Ten knock ED-209 at the wall*
*ED-209 explodes*
Marcus: "WA-A!"
*all look at the resulting wall and debris*

:bulletblack: A Keyblade is essentially a giant key.
:bulletblack: Moe Kawaii Desu-tan is Mary Sue's Eevee. (I really DID named him! Ufufufu...)
:bulletblack: The Mother 3 screens
:bulletblack: Video presenting a Majo Check (Note: This video omits a few features. In the video, blue hearts denote "bad interactions," and pink ones mark "good interactions". On the top-right of the top screen, there is an H-Counter which counts the amount of consecutive "good interactions." If the H-Counter reaches 25, the background turns into a rising yellow. The next 25 interactions done at this time is counted as "good.")
:bulletblack: That being said, despite what the video shows, the "Majo Check" music that I had in mind for this Madan Check is the same as the last one.
:bulletblack: "-sama" is a more honorable Japanese honorific than "-san" (like "Sir" and "Mister"). However, Marcus called Kidd "Cacturne-sama" as a reference to Cacturne's higher evolutionary stage in relation to Billy/Cacnea-san.


I was getting tired of copying the lines of Mr. :iconathens025: (which is part of the reason why this is VERY LONG), but I needed to so such, since I want to tie our entries together. (Thankfully, I could downplay the battle and aftermath of Dottie, since those were beyond the scope of this entry. However, shoud I split the entry into two smaller ones?

Gehe... I also included a bit of Mary Sue here (also taken from Mr. ~Athens025's works). That makes sense, since she is most likely going to re-appear here.

ED-209's presence here is actually a continuation of Ms. :iconblue-uncia:'s inclusion of him. (Of course, despite what the video suggests, the reason why Marcus did a Madan Check on ED-209 was to give him a close inspection. He likes robots, but only as a fan.) I hope Ms. =Blue-Uncia does not execute me for this...
(UPDATE: She did not execute me. She actually understood that the Madan Check had a reason.)

(Pardon me, but the comic pages will have to be on hiatus. Even if I did not need to go to college and had no backlog or pending OCTs, I need to wait to see if Mr. ~Athens025 or Mr. =Blue-Uncia wins, since these entries assume that Mr. ~Athens025 wins, and, if Ms. =Blue-Uncia wins, I will only have to change text instead of entire pictures and possibly pages.)

For :iconpokemonsupercontests: (Black Tourney)

Marcus; Butler; Forrest; Edd -> :iconmarkyvigoroth:
Kate; Lazuli -> Ms. :iconcrayolasquirrel:
Black Dragon; Brian; Faye; Blossom; Dexter; Billy; Kidd; Mary Sue; Sparklepuff; Brutus; Bella; Moe Kawaii Desu-tan -> Mr. :iconathens025:
Ozric; Tantor; Kali -> Mr. :iconcathto:
Sepia; Monoxide; Radon -> Ms. :iconpokemon-no-rakuen: (:iconookami-mangetsu:)
Zachary -> Ms. :iconsarydactl:
Zing; Anubis -> Ms. :iconiron-zing:
Noodles -> Mr. :icontoddm:
Dottie -> Ms. :iconeeveegou:
Big Bad -> Mr. :iconbigbadcomplex:
Sandy; Solaris; Quartz; Fang -> Ms. :iconblue-uncia:
Chief -> Mr. :iconchief-orc:
Anti; Ten -> :iconantipathy00:-san
Master of Ceremonies (MC) -> :iconpokemonsupercontests:

Mightyena; Breloom; Sceptile; Cacnea; Caturne; Medicham; Glalie; Sableye; Gulpin; Blaziken -> Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire -> Pokémon -> Creatures/Gamefreak -> Nintendo
Marril; Donphan; Steelix; Ursaring -> Pokémon -> Pokémon Gold/Silver -> Creatures/Gamefreak -> Nintendo
Cherrim; Lucario; Happiny; Weavile -> Pokémon Diamond/Pearl -> Pokémon -> Creatures/Gamefreak -> Nintendo
Persian; Eevee; Ivysaur; Sandslash; Aerodactyl; Sandslash -> Pokémon Red/Blue -> Pokémon -> Creatures/Gamefreak -> Nintendo
Keyblade -> Kingdom Hearts -> Square-Enix/Dinsey Interactive
Nintendo DSi -> Nintendo
Holy Bible -> God
Mother 3 -> Brownie Brown/Hal Laboratory -> Ninendo
ED-209 -> RoboCop -> Paul Verhoeven (Director)
"Majo Check Interface" -> Doki Majo Plus -> Doki Doki Majo Shinpan -> CRIWare -> SNK
Half Minute Hero -> Marvelous Entertainment/XSeed Games
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