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Marcus: *is running in a "I have to go potty!" position, all while holding the items*
*finds two bathroom stalls (one having the image of a Nidoqueen and another of a Nidoking)*
*an Earthbound status display appears* /Grape flavour; 40 HP; 00 PP/
*enters the Nidoking stall*
Earthbound text box: "10 HP of damage
to Marcus!"
Marcus (in bathroom all melted): "Itai..."
/"reformed"/ "Oh... that was a REALLY bad movie... I wonder what would have happened if I actually WATCHED that..."
*washes hands*
*looks around a bit*
*looks in stalls*
Marcus: "Hn..."
*looks at objects*
*Touch Detective "Item Touch" interface appears with closed DSi*
    /general area (This is my DSi. I always carry this around...)/ /Bowser sticker (Bowesr is my favourite Mario character. My DSi is black to go with the sticker.)/ /L and R buttons (These tend to not always work correctly...)/ /Game slot (Rhythm Heaven Gold is in there. I got that just before the Cute Contest.)/

*opens DSi*
    /screens (Why did the screens had to be bigger? I do not know...)/ /speakers (Why are these shrinking???)/ /bottom of DSi (Did people actually NOT want a GBA slot in the DSi???)/ /WAN light (Why is the Wifi switch not a button? Then again, why is the light switch not a separate button?)/ /Power button (No... This is not the time.)/

*switches to Bible*
    /general area (I already read this today. Reading this early was a good thing.)/ /bookmarks (I have to read 10 chapters a day due to this new system I found...)/

*switches to top hat*
    /general area (What a shiny top hat. I like shiny top hats...)/ /band (This hat fit Mr. Forrest quite right... However, this hat is notably tall...)/

*switches to cane*
    /base (This cane is just Mr. Forrest's size! Then again, Mr. Forrest is smaller than regular Breloom...)/ /top (When did canes come into fashion anyways?)/

*switches to monocle*
    /lens (This monocle is big enough for Mr. Forrest's eye! Breloom have big eyes!)/ /rim (How do monocles stay on the eye, anyways?)/ /string (In all seriousness, are monocles for decoration only? I suppose that these have a use for people with only one "bad eye," but...)/

Marcus: *gets all items together*
*pushes bathroom door*
/outside the Hall/
/Mary Sue with Ms. Meyer, Brutus, and Bella/
Mary Sue: "Goooohh! What's WITH that Master of Ceremonies???"
"I mean, he was all like..."
/imitating Master of Ceremonies/ "'Why did you lock a BIG AND OBVIOUS entrance to your center of operations with a single PICKABLE physical lock?' and 'Rope CAN GET CUT!!!'"
Ms. Meyer: "They left us to freeze and rot, out on the bitter, bitter cold..."
Mary Sue: "Well, I'll show him! I am going to exact my revenge against that Master of Ceremonies and prove to him NOT to mess with Mary Sue!!"
Brutus + Bella: "Yeh!"
/back in the Hall/
Marcus: "..."
*Butler and Forrest catch up with him*
Forrest [Marcus]: "What happened, Marcus? You seem troubled."
Marcus: *remains silent*
Butler [Marcus]: "Do not be so rude. If someone is talking to you earnestly, ANSWER THEM." -_-+
Marcus: "Un...
I insist that we look around for some more. I want to help."
Butler: "Garrrr..."
[Marcus] "FINE, but I will prove to you that NO ONE will be in here for you to rescue." -_-
*Team Marcus goes on*
/outside the Hall/
Mary Sue: "All right! Let's go!"
"Brutus! Show that door what boss!"
Brutus: "Aura power GOOO!!!" /shoonen manga background/
*doors crash open* /door was not locked/
*team Mary Sue enters*
Mary Sue: "With a team THIS powerful, the Master of Ceremonies will be BEGGING to take me back!"
/meanwhile, back in the Hall.../
Butler [Marcus]: "...calle sin salida aquí, tambien. Te dije, Marcos."
Marcus [Butler]: "Perdón, Majordromo. Hay mucho aquí."
*Forrest is watking a little farther behind*
Butler [Marcus]: "No debemos tomar la bondad del Sr. Dragón Negro como si era nada..."
("???'SEÑOR'??? !Ahora estoy hablando como Marcos!
Ojalá que la reversa será verdad...")
/semi-silent speech sounds/
Marcus [Butler]: "!Shhh! ?Quién es eso?"
Butler [Marcus]: "Suena como el Maestro de Ceremonias..."
/more semi-silent speech sounds/
Butler [Marcus]: "!Eso es la jueza Kate!"
Marcus: "..."
*dashes in*
Butler [Marcus]: "?Marcos, qué estás haciendo?"
/a relatively small computer room/
Marcus: "Wa!"
*Kate is suspended upside-down with a wall of lasers surounding her*
Marcus: "..."
Butler [Marcus]: "Marc--"
*notices the setting*
"Marcos, !quédate atrás!"
*Marcus obeys*
Butler: *analyzes the situation*
*waits some*
*Marcus looks a bit impatient*
*Forrest is looking a bit from behind the door*
*Marcus seems resolved*
*Butler used Howl*
*the Howl did not affect the lasers directly, but something is happening to the machinery above Kate*
*Kate ends up swinging around a bit*
*Butler's Howl changes look some times*
*the lasers seem to distort*
*Kate is swinging somewhat more dangerously*
Marcus: "ng!"
*Butler's Howl grows in amplitude*
*the top-machinery shorts out*
*the lasers disappear*
*Kate is swinging slower*
*alarms prominently sound and flash*
Forrest + Marcus: "Aaag!"
*Butler lunges at the rope and catche the falling Kate*
Forrest [Butler + Marcus]: "Oh! The--"
Butler [Forrest]: "...en español!"
Forrest [Butler]: "...
!Ellos están viniendo! !Creo que no podemos salir por aquí!"
Marcus: "..."
*the mechas come through*
*they blast at Marcus + Butler*
*Butler pushes them both, having the mechas barely miss, breaking the glass instead*
*Marcus looks at the glass*
*grabs Butler and Kate*
*impulsively falls through*
Butler: "!!!MAR, COOOOOOOOOOOS!!!"
Forrest: *runs a bit backward*
*does the "dodge dance" on an alternate route downwards, but he ends up missing a few "steps"* /Pain/
/Black Dragon, Faye, Brian, Ozzy, Sepia, and Radon are at the Contest Hall/
Black Dragon: "There!"
*Butler, Kate, and Marcus are falling*
Sepia: "It's Kate!"
Black Dragon: "...and Marcus and Butler!"
Ozzy: *throwing a Pokéball*
"Tantor, clear the seats!"
Tantor: *comes out of the Pokéball in a  Rollout attack*
*Ozzy, Black Dragon, and Sepia run forward*
*Sepia recalls Radon*
*Tantor rollouts ot the seats, knocking them over*
*Ozzy catches Kate and Marcus*
*Sepia catches Butler*
/Gotcha! Trainers were caught!/
*Brian uses Detect*
*Red eyes appear on the dark background*
*the eyes go away*
*Kate is laid on the floor*
*Butler and Marcus were laid sitting*
Ozzy: "Is she okay?"
Black Dragon: "Kate?"
Sepia: "...Kate?"
Balck Dragon: "Oh man..."
Ozzy: "Kate!"
Marcus: "Uy..."

The next one will have to be a script, as well, since I am leaving for the Dominican Republic at December 21.

The Spanish parts were translated from the respective comic page, but I added a few more Spanish lines.

"???'SEÑOR'??? !Ahora estoy hablando como Marcos!
Ojalá que la reversa será verdad..." = "'MISTER'??? Now I am talking like Marcus!
I wish the reverse will be true..."
"Marcos, !quédate atrás!" = "Marcus, stay back!"
"...en español!" = " Spanish!"
"!Ellos están viniendo! !Creo que no podemos salir por aquí!" = "They are coming! I think that we can not leave this way!"

By the way, "Itai" (a Japanese word) can mean "Painful" or "Ow."


For :iconpokemonsupercontests: (The Black Tourney)
Black Dragon; Faye; Brian; Mary Sue; Ms. Meyer; Mary's Lucario; Mary's Medicham-> Mr. :iconathens025:
Ozzy; Tantor-> Mr. :iconcathto:
Sepia; Radon-> Ms. :iconpokemon-no-rakuen:
Kate -> :iconcrayolasquirrel:
Marcus; Butler; Forrest -> :iconmarkyvigoroth:
Donphan; Smeargle-> Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire -> Pokémon -> Creatures/GameFreak -> Nintendo
Sceptile; Mightyenna; Breloom; Medicham-> Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire -> Pokémon -> Creatures/GameFreak -> Nintendo
Cherrim; Lucario; Weavile-> Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire -> Pokémon -> Creatures/GameFreak -> Nintendo
Earthbound -> Ape -> Nintendo
Touch Detective -> BeeWorks
DSI -> Nintendo
GameBoy Advance (GBA) -> Nintendo
Bowser -> Super Mario Bros. -> Nintendo
Rhythm Heaven Gold -> Tsunku O->/Nintendo
Bible -> God
© 2009 - 2023 MarkyVigoroth
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I am thoroughly loling at Mary Sue.

Nice work tying entries together! I only hope that this isn't the end of them...
I do have entries and exits in the script if you do want to continue...