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Creating thumbnails for your art is incredibly important!  I've put together a video that shows and discusses my process for creating thumbnails that is both fast and fun!  Check it out, tell me what you think and share it with your friends!…
Hey everybody!

You'll be able to find me at booth #4815 at this year's Comic-con in San Diego.  Take a break from the madness of the show and stop by for a spell!
Hey hey,

I'm busily prepping for the Phoenix Comicon.  I'll have a new painting to show so if you're in the area come by my table #253!  The show's looking really great.  Can't wait to meet some new people, it'll be a blast!
I'm pleased to announce that after saving a few pennies and putting some ducks in a row I am now a full time freelance illustrator!  I'm leaving the office gig behind in pursuit of life as an artist.  I've been working towards this for a while now and I'm super excited to be able to focus all my energies on picture making.  You'll definitely be seeing a lot more work from me in the days ahead. So, if you're out with some friends tonight, raise a glass! :)