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The Dark Crystal poster

Finally free to do some of these posters without relying on a horror theme. Decided to play around with one of my favorite movies when I was a kid--The Dark Crystal. My first poster in this series, Re-Animator, was pretty simple and some of my later designs got a bit more complicated. I wanted to get back to that initial simplicity here.

Not sure how I feel about those cracks. I may revisit this later.

If you're interested in buying this as a print, please go here:…
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Xenovista's avatar
That is so perfect. 
JohnSpartan1982's avatar
1982 was a great year for movies eh?
TekComic's avatar
A Saul Bass design of The Dark Crystal, I used to watch that when I was a kid, good job!
Davoe's avatar
A nice uncluttered style and a great tribute to a brilliantly made movie!
markwelser's avatar
Thank you so much!
Stevesea's avatar
Very nice color combo and original. Fits the movie great!
BobaHutt's avatar
Awesome! I love this, really original. You should check out Strongstuff on Deviant as well. He does a lot of movie poster art like this. I'll definitely check out maybe buying this as a print.
markwelser's avatar
Thanks a lot! Yeah, Tom Whalen (strongstuff) is about a thousand times better at this than I am. He clearly knows what he's doing--I'm just farting around figuring stuff out as I go. Glad you're digging it, though!
Radical90's avatar
The dark crystal is my favorite movie of all time. A simple yet affective poster :---)
markwelser's avatar
Thanks a lot! When I was a kid, I watched the VHS so much and bothered everyone in the house with it that my older brother destroyed the tape with a giant magnet, making it completely unwatchable. Boo!
Radical90's avatar
Oh wow, what a pity! It is a truly unique film.
gzusd's avatar
hey guy! i like your work :)
how do you make that effect of old paper? :O on this and other posters
sorry for my bad english haha
markwelser's avatar
Thanks! Your English is just fine. I scan in folded paper and layer it in with Photoshop, setting the layer property to "multiply". It's that easy!
gzusd's avatar
thanks guy but I meant to say... that efect of... splatter?
it's like worn paper... hahaha I don't know, hope you can understand me =)
thanks a lot!
LoftyBalloon's avatar
Awesome, that's one of my favorite movies :D
Woody-Lindsey-Film's avatar
I knew it was you! Awesome Poster... Love it! you know you got your own quality style when someone can take one glance at it and go ... welp... mark made another awesome poster! lol ... cool take care!
markwelser's avatar
Thanks! It's nice to know I've sort of found my own look with these things! Or maybe it all looks the same because I'm in a rut. Uh oh!
Woody-Lindsey-Film's avatar
na... definitely not a rut! lol it's a unique style... keep it.. and find ways to enhance hit... ! Just sayin.. you know.. oh, and thanks for adding all your sweet posters... I saw you did pink with phantasm... looked pretty cool... I threw them in specific movie poster folders for your horror posters.... yah.. I'm kind of glad the horror is finished... that month was all horror.. lol... the 80s cartoon one you do... will be cool I bet.. i'm really curious what cartoon and what your poster looks... like.. btw.. have you voted yet.. if not drop into the october replica folder and cast a vote.. thanks mark.. ttyl buddy.
markwelser's avatar
Yeah, the horror stuff is fine, but I think everyone's ready for a break by now.

As for the contest--I'm not sure. If I get time to enter a piece, it'll probably be He-Man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword.
Woody-Lindsey-Film's avatar
Kind of figured... He-man... or She Ra bc of your icon.. that's why I chose something.. else.. I'm a He man... fan... watch them probably once a week.. on my DVD sets... but.... I hope you do enter them.. You have a unique style... and are great at poster making.. Hope to see it when and if you have time.. I understand though. Take care Mark...

markwelser's avatar
Yeah, I'm a He-Man nut! My wife probably wishes I wasn't--then maybe we'd have more room around the house for something other than toys.

I love making these posters, but a lot of my time is spent doing illustrations. I've recently been hit up with a lot more work in that department. I'm not complaining. It sure beats answering phones for 6 years (which is what I used to do to pay the bills).

Even if I don't get a chance to enter the contest, I still would like to get to something He-Man related in this style eventually.
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