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Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster

More movie posters!

Pretty much every design for this movie focuses on the chainsaw aspect and never the Texas aspect so I decided to do something a bit different. Trust me--it took a lot of restraint to not include a chainsaw here. I had to do research to find out where the events were supposed to take place in the movie and mark it on the map with a skull.

I think this is probably my favorite design so far.

If you're interested in buying this as a print, please go here:…
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So awesome!!
Casey-Aitken's avatar
Love the poster you made it's really good 
NuclearBeast's avatar
this is a great poster.
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Well thanks a lot!
Goat-Head's avatar
pretty sick design!
markwelser's avatar
Thanks! So glad you dig it!
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Woody-Lindsey-Film's avatar
Your posters never seem to stop amazing me! One of my favorite movies!
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Thanks so much. Glad you're digging them! I'll do some more.
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you're welcome :)
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Now I'm curious: What sort of research was involved to pinpoint the location of the movie's events?
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A very quick and and probably inaccurate google search.
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Chopping the state apart is more lurid in the imagination than actually including the implement of destruction. What's left is bloody aftermath.
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Yep! It's a grisly, dirty movie and I went the opposite direction with this. Glad you like it, Devon!
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