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Shaun of the Dead poster

I've seen a lot of folks do Shaun of the Dead stuff. While most folks tend to focus on the zombies, I wanted to remind folks that it's also a romantic comedy so I tried to get that across not only with the design, but the colors as well.

I'm sure a lot of Shaun fans won't really dig this, but that's just too bad, I suppose.

UPDATE: Lost all the studio logos and changed some fonts around, including the main logo.

If you're interested in buying this as a print, please go here:…
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Brilliant. Better than the official poster.
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I don't agree with that, but thanks!
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I am a massive Shaun of the Dead fan and this poster is epic! I think many Shaun fans would dig this :)
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Very nicely done. It's nice to see a poster that isn't of the stained shirt.
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Thanks! I always try to do something different from what everyone else does with these posters. I like that a lot of folks do the same thing so it's easier for me to know what to avoid. Heh.
nothing new, looks just like a scene from the walking dead:
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You're right. I'd totally forgotten about this cover until recently when looking through the Walking Dead Covers book I got. Oops. Originally, my layout had the couple holding hands in a much wider shot then I kept zooming in until I was happy with it...then saw that cover again. Oh well.
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ahaaha SOO COOOL!♥
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Awesome poster! Who wouldn't love a romantic-comedy-zombie move, it has everything!
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Yeah--everyone's attracted to a girl with brains, right?
DixxieMae's avatar
I'm a fan and I like this :) Is it bad though that instead of assuming the people holding hands were Shaun and Liz I thought it was Shaun and Ed? Ahahahaha.

Well, like the rest, I love it.
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Nothing wrong with a good bromance!
DixxieMae's avatar
Shaun and Ed (well, even Simon and Nick) are just very bromantic guys XD
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Wishing there was a 'like' button on DA right now! :P
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Glad to hear! Shaun and Ed? Heh. Well, I guess that's one way of looking at it, but no, you're right--it's supposed to be Shaun and Liz.
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I love that film! :D think the poster totally highlights what this Film was about! its very good! Perfect colours too!
markwelser's avatar
Thanks! I initially had it as black and red, but figured that was too obvious and horror (plus, I'm trying not to fall into the trap of using that combination for every one of these). So glad you like it!
PurpleTartan's avatar
Very true! I fell into that trap with some pics I was doing in Art that were of horror themes; then I decided to Mix it up abit. :)
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this is freaking awesome!! :D you did a great job!
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This is great... Cuts to the crux of the movie... Love that "A" too...

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