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Reservoir Dogs poster

Tried to get something a bit less literal for Reservoir Dogs. It's basically 2 hours of a man dying while everyone else argues and refuses to get him help so I thought I'd show that with a giant hand keeping him down.

I hope someone likes this!

If you're interested in buying this as a print, please go here:…
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He visto la mayoria de tus posters, y me gustan mucho, pero por ahi los veo muy parecidos unos con otros

Saludos :D
I've seen most of your posters, and I like a lot but I see there are very similar to each other


translated with goolge transalate
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Thank you! Yes, I try to keep them all looking alike, even though sometimes I might want to try some other stuff. Maybe some day. Thanks again! Glad you like them!
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I like this poster, for it reminds me of a Moorish restaurant I once visited, 'The Moorish Lounge'. Almost Spanish, or something. I dunno. Woteva.
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Glad you like it! That restaurant doesn't sound like a place I'd like to eat at if THIS is how they treat their customers. Heh.
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I like this one a lot, especially because it looks like a four-fingered hand, except until you count Mr. Orange as the fifth finger.
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Heh--I think I meant for it to look like the pinky finger was wedged in Mr. Orange's armpit but it doesn't quite come across that way does it? Nertz. I like your explanation better.
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Ha! Yeah, you should always say, "I meant to do that."
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Yes. Glad you caught my subtext--how each finger represents one of the "five total strangers" and how the missing pinky is also a reference to Tarantino's story in Four Rooms...somehow...*cough*
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awesome work once again :)
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Thanks! Always happy when you're happy!
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WTF is this? A Reservoir Dogs poster without colored guns?

I like it because it's different.
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Ha! Yeah, I've seen a lot of posters for Reservoir Dogs and you always see the same things: guns pointed at each other, a severed ear or a play on all their colors. That's pretty much it. I wanted to do something totally different from all that. Glad you like it.
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wow, that's pretty cool! :D It gets straight to the point! I think the colours work really well here also!
markwelser's avatar
Thanks so much! I wasn't sure if the orange was too much or not since the movie is basically black and white with some red. Just another element of wanting to be different from all the other RD posters I've seen.
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I think it works well :) I think Black And White may have been to plain, Orange seems to add more life to it :)
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