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Night of the Living Dead

More movie posters. I've always loved Romero's Dead series and can't wait to finish up designs for the first 3 films (I'm not going to bother with Land, Diary or Survival).

Not much else to add here, really.

They're coming to get you, Bah-baraaaah...

If you're interested in buying this as a print, please go here:…
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hi, your poster is featured here [link]
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Something else I really dig about this is how the poster image seems to fit perfectly with the letter style/font of the title itself.
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So glad to hear it! Thanks!
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Quite saul bass-like. Love it!
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I'm growing tired of this style of poster design but I have to say this is one of the best ones I've seen recently.
It has a great idea, good use of color and negative space, and a really nice type layout. I even like the amount of distress you use.
My only quibble is the spacing of your lettering at the bottom - you have a nice space below and above the "Starring" area, But the 2 lines seem very tight to the left and right side of your design. I feel they should have more breathing space.

Kudos for going above and beyond the norm here. It's really good work!
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I think you're right about the spacing issue and I kind of agree with you about these fan made movie posters (I've seen a lot of them but only really like a small handful). The whole reason behind these posters was because I was set to have a table at a local horrorfest but realized I didn't have much horror stuff to sell. Making these posters was a quick way to get a decent sized inventory in time for the show. People really seemed to like them and they're fun to put together so I continued to do more. It was my first attempt at trying any kind of graphic design type stuff so I was figuring it all out as I was making them. This spacing issue is just one of those rookie mistakes that I never noticed so thanks a lot for bringing it to my attention!

By the way--I was checking through your gallery and really liked that Steambot Frankenstein. Is that the Snug Harbor in Charlotte, NC? I can't imagine there'd be two places with the same name. I recognized it because a pal of mine did a show flyer/comic cover for a book that was given out at that place a few years ago. Just passing that info along, I guess.
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Hi. Thanks for not taking the criticism personally. I hope you get a lot of business off of the posters - I know people really love them. When they're done well I guess I do too.
Yes, the Steambot was for a Snug Harbor Halloween show a couple of years ago. It's great that you've heard of the place. It's a small venue but really worth checking out if you ever make it around here.
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Yeah, I never take criticism personally. If someone makes sense, I always listen. It's the only way to get better. The posters are fun to do, but I always feel like "why did I waste my time trying to learn how to draw if this is all anyone is going to want to see from now on?" Heh.
And you never know--I might make it down there someday! I try to avoid traveling, but like I said, I have a friend down there that I'd sure like to see at some point, so who knows?
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Glad you like it!
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Congrats! This piece has been selected to be part of :iconscreeners: November 2010 feature news article [link] This piece will also reside in the #Screeners FEATURED GALLERY for the entire month. Thank you so much for allowing us to showcase your art in our gallery - we hope this feature will get this piece, and your art more exposure.

News article can be found here: [link]


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Wow! What a great honor to be featured among such great work! Every one of them is a super-winner. Nice.
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I really do like the Saul Bass influence apparent in the poster, especially in the hands.
The colours are really effective as well.
The grungy texture in the cream also works really well.
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Thanks a lot! Some dude bought one of these off me to get George Romero to sign. I wasn't expecting him to even notice what it was he was signing, but apparently he really thought this was pretty cool looking! You have no idea how giddy that made me.
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I can only imagine how great that must have felt for you!
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There's very good work here.
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Well I certainly appreciate that, thanks!
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Another great one
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Whoa totally stupendously amazing!
Love the minimallistic design..
Off u go for :+fav:
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