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I'm always trying on different artistic hats. Recently, I decided to set up a table at the Eerie Horror Fest. Quickly realizing I didn't really have any horror stuff to sell, I thought I'd try to make simple, retro looking movie posters.

This was my first attempt to see if I was even capable of pulling something like this off, since I have zero background in graphic design.

We'd just seen the movie that weekend and it was fresh in my mind so I decided to go with Inception. We can all agree that this movie kicks ass, right? Right.

UPDATE: Got rid of studio logos and changed a few fonts.

If you're interested in buying this as a print, please go here:…
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what font is this?
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brickwallsamStudent General Artist
Looks like the vertigo poster
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Thank you!
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I am absolutely in LOVE with this! Very very original!
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Thanks so much for the kind words! Glad you dig it.
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riaisHobbyist Digital Artist
You're kidding me, zero graphic design background? I figured you had some kind of professional experience. These movie posters are very awesome.
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Heh--that's right! I've been drawing my entire life, though. I took a few drawing classes in high school but once I realized I wasn't being taught anything I didn't already know, I stopped going. I'm mostly self-taught. Having a background in drawing has certainly helped. I've seen a bunch of graphic designers who can't draw well and it shows in their designs. I'm certainly not one to give advice since I don't really know what I'm talking about half the time, but good designers should probably have some kind of basic drawing skills first.

Anyway, I'm so glad you dig these! I wasn't sure how well these would go over since I've never done anything like this before. They seem to be a hit!
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You win the internet for the "Vertigo" reference. :D
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Thanks! I'll try my best to keep it nice.
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what was the font that you used for the title
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I don't quite remember. I think I used "Gotham".
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So simple yet so evocative. I love it (and the rest of your gallery)!! Can't wait to see more! :)
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Aw, thanks. I'll get to some more sooner or later.
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nice work dude!
it reminds me Saul Bass
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Thanks so much! He was a big influence with some of these designs.
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Claudia-RHobbyist Digital Artist
nice work, it reminds me the poster of Psycho
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Thanks! Folks have compared this to Vertigo before but never Psycho. Or is that what you meant? I haven't seen any Psycho posters that resemble this one. Thanks all the same!
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Claudia-RHobbyist Digital Artist
No you're right, I meant Vertigo too!!! :stupidme:
I need really rest...
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