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Day of the Dead poster

Yeah--I know I skipped over Dawn of the Dead. I just haven't come up with something cool enough yet. I had one, but it was just too similar to the original poster so I'm going to play with it some more. I like the hands on this one and the one I did for Night, so I think I'm going to continue with that theme when I get it all figured out.

In any case, I overlooked this movie for many, many years. It's not as gory as Dawn, but there sure are less scenes with people throwing pies at each other.

UPDATE: Changed some fonts around and removed some studio logos. Better.

If you're interested in buying this as a print, please go here:…
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Nice Saul Bass homage.
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lovin it!

A very well done Saul Bass style and the colours are brilliant also.
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Thanks a lot! I love this color combo and you can rarely go wrong with the "grabby hands".
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Again, very good. ^^
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The Dario Argento cut of Dawn skips all the comedy. That version can be found in the fat boxed set released awhile back.
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Yep! The one with, like, 4 versions of the film? That's the one I have. I think it may be out of print. I still love Dawn, but somehow I think Day is a bit more sophisticated. I haven't watched either of them in a few years so maybe this October will be a great time to re-watch the Dead series.
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