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August 21, 2013
This is incredible. At first i thought it was a portrait, but it's a 3D model of walter white from breaking bad. Great tribute to an awesome actor and incredible show. I AM THE DANGER - Walter White portrait by ~MarkVano
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I AM THE DANGER - Walter White portrait

My latest 3D project. A 3D portrait of Bryan Cranston a.k.a Walter White from Breaking Bad.

3ds Max, Mudbox, Vray, Photoshop

I hope you like it!
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© 2013 - 2021 MarkVano
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Absolutely fantastic.
TheCreeperAssassin's avatar
What is the Remder Time and your System Config?
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You are a master of digital art. Huge attention to detail. The portrait is utterly lifelike.
Alexsrs's avatar
Great work man :), really nice
Kyra2286's avatar
the amount of detail in this is insane :O
Amemo25's avatar
incredible !!!
RonDoe's avatar
wow .. incredible
ChaseAvano's avatar
ZeusThunderer's avatar
looks a bit like the Half-Life 2 guy
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This looks so real! Fantastic job :hug:
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great, the glasses look something problematic, with this size and Resolution on DA
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So, when are you publishing the breaking bad pc game ? :P Amazing work m8, well done!
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Cestitam na DD, ovaj rad je predstavljen u blogovima:…

Cestitke od grupe:
Svaka cast! ;)
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Any chance you could show me a screenshot of the model?
A1WEND1L's avatar
I can see the mirrored texture on his neck.  otherwise this is perfect.
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This is such an amazing piece!  All of the fine details, wrinkles, skin textures. I didn't know his name, but I knew exactly who he was when I saw him.

I wish I had the /time/ to put into learning as much as you have on doing this.  But, maybe I made the /mistake/ of going to college and not getting any advance in a job regardless of having done so.  So now I have to work full time to pay off my loans. *sigh*  I have been messing around with Blender though here and there, and trying to learn it/relearn skills I haven't used in sometime by just looking up online tutorials.
I would love to have a good copy of Maya, but hell would have to freeze over before I could actually afford to buy it. XP Again....the loans.  Right now it's easier and not /quite/ as time consuming for me to practice 2D art instead.  But on that alone, I feel there is still enormous amounts I need to learn before I will /really/ be all that good. People like my stuff, but I still feel as though I don't know nearly enough, or as much as I really should. But working forty hours doesn't always leave me with a lot of drive to sink loads and loads of time into even video games anymore.
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excellent skills MarkVano :)
this is just insane! it may be the closest thing I've seen to perfect! the only thing I'm kinda missing is glass in the glasses - but otherwise it's perfect!
monkeys-in-my-head's avatar
dude, your CG work is insane.
YunaSenpai's avatar
Simply amazing ! It looks so real !
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