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Shining South Shareach

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This is the FINAL version of my old Shaareach map, which I had gotten 98% done and then just never finished... until now. Most of it is canon. There are a few settlements in Sespech added from a friend's campaign, and I lifted the Elsir Vale stuff from the Scales of War/Red Hand of Darkness AP's and put it in the Channath Vale (where it belongs!) Even if you don't want to use the few non-canon bits, I hope you find the rest useful. Cheers
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This is incredible.  I was looking for a region that was well-mapped outside of the Sword Coast so that I could place Saltmarsh somewhere in FR that my players were unfamiliar with.  Now that I've stumbled on this map of yours I'm inspired to learn so much more about Faerun.
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What's the time frame on this map? It's obviously beautiful work, but as someone who's running a campaign in Dambrath, a couple of things stood out to me. It doesn't seem to reflect the sinking of Luiren or the fact that most of Dambrath's southern 'arm' is missing as of 5E. Is that intentional?
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So can you send entire map of FR that you have linked on internet? Since its not posted; maybe just email it?  It is by far the best I have seen. 
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This looks fantastic! I think the River Channath actually turns into the River Talar before it ends in Sheirtalar - at least, that's what it says in my old FR Atlas. Niggles! Great work!
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Absolutely magnificent job. Perfect, especially since my current campaign takes part mostly in an around Dambrath and Halruaa.
One detail though shouldn't Rastuil and Rastuil Bay in Dambrath be named Prastuild and Prastuil Bay? That's the name in TSR 9388 - The Shining South and all other maps I've seen where that city is actually shown. (The 3rd Edition Shining South accessory only mentions Prastuil once in the timeline.)
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*UGH* - so it is. Expect an update at some point (and anyone else that sees any mistakes, PLEASE point them out. Good catch.
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Amazing as always. Have you ever done a Maztica and or Anchorome map at all?
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No, but I have high hopes that someday I'll get to them (and Abeir as well). Thank you for your interest.
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MorganColdsoulHobbyist General Artist
This is so great~ Your stuff always looks like it came right out of a sourcebook, and even at smaller resolutions the text is really legible. A+ maps, every time.
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