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NEW 5 Shires coversion for FR (2.0)



Okay, so this is "the project that wasn't supposed to happen". I started playing with the idea of converting the Five Shires (Mystara/OD&D) to The Forgotten Realms - AGAIN - but this time along the Lake of the Long Arm. I just wanted to get a rough idea of how it would look, and I became enamored with it, and just kept going. I hadn't meant to redo the rest of the map, but I hated the way the symbols and roads looked alongside my newer ones, and I just kept going, to the point where I even 'corrected' Cormyr, then Amn, and finally Erlkazar to all fit the old 1e/2e (and now 5e) geography. I did not correct Sembia, or other 'bits', so as you get towards the edges of the map, some weirdness starts to occur (like the fact that the Fields of the Dead are all smooshed). This was NEVER supposed to be a project unto itself, so although I went a little nuts with a lot of it (ALL locales outside of the Dragon Coast area are CANON), I didn't 'redraw' everything, which makes this a demi-Frankensteined oddity. On the up-side, anyone running the canon realms (and mostly using the 3e/4e maps) can use this without worry - just ignore all that new stuff in the Dragon Coast (of the stuff outside the Five Shires, both Marl and Haegel's Crossing are NON-canon, and others have been shifted to make room for Shireton). Same goes for some of the geography in that region - lakes were shifted/changed, and the mountains were added. I plan to include some notes for the map over at - Once again, enjoy (or not, whatever floats your boat).
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I like this one better than the other version you did. However, I wish the shire names were listed. 

I would still love to see a Five Shires/Luiren mash-up, but I understand why you didn't.