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Moonsea WIP

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Just a very rough, small section of the continental map I've been working on for some time. I'm not even in this area right now - I am down by the Vilhon Reach, trying to finish a map up for posting. Its very far from complete - sites are unlabeled and its mostly just showing the (unpolished) geography. I widened the Lis a bit to allow for the 'Hidden Coast' maps from Map Folio 1 (3e, IIRC) to work - thats the village of Poisson and the Drunk Duck Inn on the river there (which just so happens to fall-out right where the was a small 'ferry depot' in canon). I figured post-Spellplague, I'm allowed to tweak a few things.
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I always liked Vaasa and Thar.
My kinda places.