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Thx for all the positive feedback and srry for not responding for so long. I was tied up with other stuff.

But to answer your questions about this map:

- The Westeros look is purerly by accident. By the time I made this map I haven't heard of GoT.
- I used Photoshop. The terrain is made with a mixture of textures blended in and good old brushwork to define woods, mountains, etc.
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I though this was Westeros LOL
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Your mountain textures at brilliant, how do you do it? Especially the tundra Ones?
Very well done. What program did you use?
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I love the design around BlueStone Cove. Nicely done!
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Damn one of the best maps I have seen. I would love to see you one do for me. Any chance I can convince you to do one? Hmmm? :D
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Bay of Naghar? lol i hear that one in my head differently than i imagine its actually pronounced
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Nicely textured, and great design of the world itself. If I were still a fantasy gamer, I'd totally want to 'visit' that world.
Wow! Beautiful work!
RaidMasterProduction's avatar
How did you make it???
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Great map! Congratulations for being featured!
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Very nice! Detailed not only with the casual view of it, but the names of the places all spread out; you really have all of this out in your mind, don't you? :love:
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This is amazing!
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Well job! amazing map! that snow desert is just amazing!! Nice job ;)
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Looks a lot like Westeros.
KariTheVampireSlayer's avatar
Very nice! What did you colour this with?
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This is very well made, the colouring is wonderful. I really love the snow place in the north, as I have not seen a map in the guild so far to really define an arctic place!

I also really love your naming.
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Thx, its a map for a Fantasy PRG i've written.
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Beautiful map =D Excellent work with texture and colours :thumbsup:
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