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Falderoy's Quartet

Written by Markus Mäkelä
Art by Markus Mäkelä
Characters by Markus Mäkelä

Falderoy's Quartet, team of four superheroes led by lizard-humanoid Scrat Falderoy, a stranded special forces officer of his own world, rises against the powerful underworld of Reevecoast City. Falderoy accompanied by Stir, an empathic but strong-willed psychic, Crystal, a flying speedster full of joy and Ace, the friend or the next best thing, need to put away their differences and work as a unified team in order to withstand and defeat The A, the ruthless criminal mastermind and leader of Reevecoast City's underworld.

Can the Falderoy's Quartet, working with Reevecoast City's Police Department, give everything they have and more, and break The A's hold of Reececoast City, bring the criminal mastermind and all who work for him to justice and bring back peace and order to the criminal-infested city without letting the fight itself deface them?

Read Falderoy's Quartet and find out!

Comic cover: Falderoy's Quartet #1 The Quartet cover
Page 1: Falderoy's Quartet 1 Page 1
Comic folder:…

Comic cover: Falderoy's Quartet #2 Or The Next Best Thing cover
Page 1: Falderoy's Quartet #2 Page 1
Comic folder:…

FALDEROY'S QUARTET and all characters, their distinctive likenesses, and related elements (c) Markus Mäkelä
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TheOrangeOrc's avatar
Love the character designs, Mr A really stands out, he seems like a character full of malice just by that grin alone!
Markus-MkIII's avatar
Thanks and he's something like that alright. Be sure to read the comics if you want to know about all these folks.
It's a slowly progressing comic but the second issue is merely complete!
TheOrangeOrc's avatar
I look forward to reading through it! :la:
DarkOliver's avatar
I like the synopsis, and I like the cover art.
Markus-MkIII's avatar
I'm glad to hear that :).
DarkOliver's avatar
You're welcome.
NyQuilDreamer's avatar
What a great cover piece! This looks great, man. Love the layout.
Markus-MkIII's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad the layout works well. Figuring out that one has probably been the reason why I haven't succeeded in pulling this off before.
Kostmeyer's avatar
Great cover image - the villain looks like a worthy foe for the team. Really looking forward to seeing this story :)
Markus-MkIII's avatar
Thanks man, this actually is the poster for the first four comics that combined create the first story-ark so I'd say you're already seeing it in the making :D.
Bug-Off's avatar
"A" looks a little unhinged.
Markus-MkIII's avatar
He's a little like that.
HM-Studios's avatar
Excellent piece, everything comes together so well. 
Markus-MkIII's avatar
Thanks man, I think the whole positioning/layout was the most difficult part with this one.
Latroma's avatar
As stated earlier, beautiful and iconic  Great poster material.
Markus-MkIII's avatar
Thank you, I'm glad it does its job :).
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