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Falderoy's Quartet #3 page 11

Falderoy's Quartet stamp by Markus-MkIII

Page 11!

They maybe tough compared to usual thugs. F4 is tougher.

I'm not going to pretend time hasn't passed since the last time I uploaded anything. Life's like that sometimes. However, I'm not giving up on this one.

Next page: *under way*


Comic folder:…



Do not hesitate to comment! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Everything helps!

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was thinking of you and the comic just yesterday, good too see you, and that you are still fighting with it :3 looking good and full of action angles!

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Thanks, good to hear I've not been forgotten despite not being active.

I can't simply just drop this project. It pretty much keeps staring at me everyday :D.

I see you've been quite active yourself though. How've you been?

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I bet, you come really far on it so do not let it go 8D fight fight!

work, eat and sleep mostly, just spent 7 weeks non-stop snow shoveling so feeling a bit beat, but keep on working on projects when resting in-between stuff and things.

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Look at that. It's been a while.

Impressive sense of movement and action on the characters.

Good job as usual.

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Thank you. It's been a while indeed.

I take it you're doing well?

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As well as a loner artist can be. Thank you.

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Fantastic to see a new page - I really need to re-read this :)

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I'm glad to hear that. It's been almost a year.

The number flashing on my inbox means I have a lot of catching up to do with you folks here.

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