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Windows 8 RTM Logon lightblue for Windows 7

Darkgrey version [link]

This is a modification of PeterRollars Windows 8 RTM Logon, because I don't like that blue from the original one.
I've only changed the color to a lightblue and the forward button to a little bit darker blue.

Install notes are in the readme.

How to remove the language button in the left upper corner (if there is one). [link]

All credits going to PeterRollar. Thx for your work man!!

Original Windows 8 RTM Logon by PeterRollar [link]

Windows 8 RTM Theme by mare-m [link]
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how can I replace files? I had tried it by changing name to .bak but i fucked up my notebook.. what program can U recomend me?:D
Markus-Deviant's avatar
holy shit thats not good. :)

you can do it by downloading this: [link]
then take ownership of the files and replace them


my favourite solution download ubuntu or another linux distro, burn it, boot linux from dvd (don't install it) and replace files (make backup of the files before replacing them)
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i like it! :D but why its user picture get a little blurred? maybe u can fix this?
#sorry bad english
Hasior's avatar
Hi, this is great but please give us a green one please :)) Lime will be great (rgb 162-193-57 / hex FFA2C139). This is so lovely color...
Markus-Deviant's avatar
thx but i can't guarantee that i will make a green one too... sorry. maybe if i find some time i will make a green one
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just tryed on my computer x86 but didn't work...
its says that its a bad image, my authui.dll is 1.70 mb but yours is 3.71 mb, i know theres a problem...
Markus-Deviant's avatar
i know that it's bigger cause there are more bitmaps in it. can't test it cause i don't have 32bit windows. you know that you have to take the file from syswow64 folder?
Giro54's avatar
i don't get it.. im 32bit
Markus-Deviant's avatar
read the readme file! if you download this logon you have two folders system32 and syswow64. as 32bit user you have to take the file in syswow64 and replace your file in c:\windows\system32
Giro54's avatar
what so is switched up?
Giro54's avatar
love it!
please the next one is green
Markus-Deviant's avatar
maybe there will be a green one soon...
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