Yo everybody, It's that time of the year and I'm going to abandon you for a couple of weeks, but worry not, I plan to take pictures even while away (can't take my pc to edit though). Yah, it's vacation time and I'm going to the Czech Republic again (my girl is from there after all) so there'll be at least a little variation in the subject for a while after I come back......
Soooo, see you again after the 20th of august, fingers crossed to produce some cool work while away.
Bye now, I've got a bus to catch

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Have fun!!! Looking forward to see what you'll cook up while you're away :) 
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Have a great time! Pusheen the cat : motorcycle 
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Thanks, long time no see.
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True. Too many things to do. Too many... But! I'll get to your works as fast as I have time You're Welcome - Leonardo Di Caprio  There are quite a few to check out. NICE! Love your works!