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Hello Everybody,
It's been a long time since we've seen each other (sorry), suffice to say that my last photo burst during 2018's summer left me burned out and made me loose all will to do more.

Will I come back? Absolutely

When? Eeeh, that's a little harder to answer. I do have ideas that I want to see in a picture but I just don't feel it yet.

Lately (since January) I am keeping up with a new year resolution that I had for a while, opening a YouTube channel and so far I'm diligently keeping up with weekly videos (that's also an exercise in consistency and videomaking).

It's a completely different topic from what you're used to seeing me do here.
It's a Mountainbiking (I do Downhill mtb) channel and it's really a soothing experience, mixing my love for creating visuals with my love for descents is a great feeling.

Having said all this, whoever would like to see what I'm up to and is into this particular sport can come to support me and check my rambling while I bomb down a mountain here:…

Mark Turtoo is now also Mark The Descender

Thanks to all of you who showed support in the past years and enjoyed my work, I hope to see you again with more ideas and pictures under my sleeve.
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Yo everybody, It's that time of the year and I'm going to abandon you for a couple of weeks, but worry not, I plan to take pictures even while away (can't take my pc to edit though). Yah, it's vacation time and I'm going to the Czech Republic again (my girl is from there after all) so there'll be at least a little variation in the subject for a while after I come back......
Soooo, see you again after the 20th of august, fingers crossed to produce some cool work while away.
Bye now, I've got a bus to catch
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3 min read
So, as the title implies, I'd like to know how all of you lovely people are doing? Surviving or enjoying the new year after the festivities? Learning new things or perfecting old skills?
I personally as some may have seen am trying my hand on some light make-up to spice up my pictures, as well as building props (I document that on my Instagram stories, so make sure to follow me there).
What would you like to see more in my creations? I'm open to ideas, also, if anyone lives in North-Italy I'd love to do some collaborations so hit me up.
Well, I'm done rambling now, see you all around.

I can be found


And on my website:
Mark Turtoo's Website

You can also send me a coffee if you feel generous, here:
Buy Me a Coffee at

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2 min read
The website is finally live, not that you faithful watchers will see something new but I still feel like it is a milestone so here goes:



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2 min read
Almost forgot, here's my holyday greeting for you, it's on my instagram stories, nothing special, just my way to wish you a good time and whatnot.

/    \
/       \

Check the story on Instagram:

Instagram Stories Greetings

(probably it'll work better in the app, dunno)

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