How's 2018 treating you so far?

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So, as the title implies, I'd like to know how all of you lovely people are doing? Surviving or enjoying the new year after the festivities? Learning new things or perfecting old skills?
I personally as some may have seen am trying my hand on some light make-up to spice up my pictures, as well as building props (I document that on my Instagram stories, so make sure to follow me there).
What would you like to see more in my creations? I'm open to ideas, also, if anyone lives in North-Italy I'd love to do some collaborations so hit me up.
Well, I'm done rambling now, see you all around.

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jenninn's avatar
Looking forward to your pictures also this year. :heart:

I moved to Rome (from Finland) a month ago! :giggle: Hope to grasp good basics of your language during this year. :nod: :meow:
MarkTurtoo's avatar
Great, drop by Trieste if you get the chance then
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2018 is fine so far for me, thanks for asking all of us :).
I'm trying to get some more into painting with Acrylics, as well as trying out other things (though - that's mainly "idea" until now, and not done). But mainly I'm consumed by studying, and not art ^^

Hope you are well, too :)
MarkTurtoo's avatar
Ah, the all-consuming studies, what are you preparing for?
MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
I have a bunch of exams in February ;). And, well - lectures tend to keep me quite busy throughout the term. I try to draw/paint a bit beside that, but making some "larger projects" is hard beside that.
Jdvixen's avatar
2018 is treating me well. I now have 4 books done and starting a series of short erotica stories. Finishing up on all the publishing details. 
Hope yours is treating you as good as well.  I will check out your FB and other sites..
MarkTurtoo's avatar
So you'll be doing physical copies if I got that right, how much will you be printing?
Irbisty's avatar
So far so good. I'm writing a book now.

The new site is awesome, btw. Good luck with your art! You're great. 
MarkTurtoo's avatar
Great, will you publish it somewhere?
Also, thank you.
Irbisty's avatar
That's the plan. Most likely it will be an ebook. We will see how it goes.
And you're welcome!
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