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Will you rekindle the flame?

"or will you let the world sink into eternal darkness"

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DrDoomPhD's avatar
Love this so atmospheric and beautiful, could be a movie poster.
MarkTurtoo's avatar
Thank you.
I'll be sure to propose it for a Dark Souls movie when someone decides to do it.
EverybodysCupOfTea's avatar
I wonder what he is seeing in the Flames right now...
MarkTurtoo's avatar
Nothing good, I can assure you
cosmicspider's avatar
Neat! Makes me think of a blacksmith in front of his fire.
MarkTurtoo's avatar
But nope, I'm just thinking if it's time for the age of fire to end. (don't mind me, Dark souls reference)
(Also, I always love seeing that angry spider of yours)
cosmicspider's avatar
Oh hey, make all the RPG references you want! That's one series I've yet to set foot in, so many complex worlds, it's almost daunting sometimes. And I'm glad you enjoy it haha, I think you'll be seeing it pretty regularly going forward.
MarkTurtoo's avatar
Good, I don't know what kind of (and if) gamer you are but it's a weird experience, the story is not in your face, you have to look for it, but the grind that the series put's you through, as in, not the get better part, the, "you'll die over and over and you'll keep on doing it" part that explains the (in my opinion) point of the story, going through all these hardships with a character that is undead just for his right to finally die, sends chills down my spine every time I think about it.
cosmicspider's avatar
That does sound pretty interesting, and intense. I'm kind of all over the place but some of my favs are the Witcher Series, Skyrim of course, a fan of Hitman games and then I dork out with stuff like Sims and Stardew Valley to name a few so :lol: Maybe once I retire I'll have times for all the games T_T
MarkTurtoo's avatar
That retirement thing hits too close, I know the struggle.
In any case I love the Witcher myself, big fan (never wore it in the pictures but i have a wolf school medallion around my neck at all times)
cosmicspider's avatar
!!! That's so cool! Have you read the books? I highly recommend them if you enjoy reading. I'm working through Lady of the Lake right now... Also if you've ever played Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light and liked the story, I also recommend the books. The English translator did a dodgy job but the story is still worth it and I've read them both through twice. 
MarkTurtoo's avatar
Not yet, I've kept them on the shelf for ages (don't know why, don't ask) but definitely plan to read them, actually, I wanted to conclude my witchering in the games completely first, I'm on blood and wine now but with so little time I've been proceeding very slowly.
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