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Marauder Gnoll

Ok so finally my last set for thunderstone is coming out soon, so I can show little by little what I had done for them.
So here's the first one, I'll be uploading others later.
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I have a werehyena character named Rashida. They are like gnolls. I think this fella and her would be great friends.
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This is a fantastic piece! I love the lighting in this, including the rim lighting, and sub-surface scattering in the ears.
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More gnoll for Blood God!
Good work.
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nice job on this one :D love the light situation, usually when i try something similar i end up with dark blobs of color :\
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Well, with the lvl you've got, I don't think you'll have a hard time doing better things soon :)
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Gotta love gnolls! =D
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Oh that is a really kick ass looking gnoll!
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Wonderful! When I see gnoll that cool and furious, it's hard to believe it's just first level creature in homm... :D
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True, but HOMM3 is still such an awesome game, I can critise that :D
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Aw, I actually love HOMM3! :D I like 4 too, but 3 is better, I think.
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Absolutely beautiful colours.
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Thanks Jonathan !
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Translated: COME AT ME, BRO!!!
Great job.
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Hehehe.. ^^ Thanks
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Nice start : )
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