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a four-legged mecha with weapons system
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i dont think this platform would have enough power for a railgun
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This seems to me to be a natural evolution of your P90 design, upgraded for more flexibility in the aft flanks for increased agility and speed, much as the cheetah's spine flexes during a sprint. I love the inclusion of all the add-ons, although my favorite has to be the detachable arms complete with little hands. Good stuff.
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Smilodon Fatalis, The Sabretooth Tiger?
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Very cool! looks like a Metal Gear!
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Oooohhh is that ballistic ERA?! (Explosive reactive armour) i am loving the modular armament too, 25mm seems a little too big but i guess its anti surface anyways ^^"" and the quadruped base would help it be stable even if it fired while mobile... sorry rambled

In short love this design
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Interesting concept :)
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This is very interesting. The design choice really surprise me in many aspect, good job!
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