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TRON: Legacy - Private Commission..

By MarkRaats

A wonderful private commission for a top man and one that I enjoyed doing immensely. Not a franchise I know well but in conceptualising it, I knew that I wanted a piece of art that stood as art in its own right rather than just simply doing another movie poster piece - I hope that I was successful. 

Gouache paint and Prismacolor pencils on board.

As always, my sincerest apologies if I am unable to respond to and comments posted - its simply due to a lack of time.

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© 2016 - 2021 MarkRaats
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Awesome ArtWork! :)

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great! :) (Smile) beautiful composition!
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Love your work very inspiring been a while since someone's work just inspired me to draw you have a great page.
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This is really an epic piece Mark. I think this is the best Tron piece i've seen so far!
lavalamp-genie's avatar
Super awesome art!!!

(Although the movie wasn't even remotely as good as the first one)
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It IS a franchise! Disney just hasn't accepted it yet!

*twiddles fingers*

But they WILL.....
MarkRaats's avatar
LOL, sadly they are looking at other franchises that guarantee more money but hopefully they turn back to this at some stage...
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I'm somehow obsessed with the white-blueish lightbeam and I really like how Jeff Bridge's face is centering the picture due to enthrone it in a not overpowering but positive way. I really like you also gave us a hint to those "flying gates".  What else can I say? You're just the master of arts.
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Thanks very much K.R.. I liked the idea that in the story Bridges' was like a god and so the beam seemed to make the most sense.

Cheers for taking the time to comment, its warmly appreciated!
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Wasn't all that wild about the movie [though the young lady did look good in that form fitting outfit], but this is so awesome, I would still hang it on my wall. 
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Thanks Rich. I agree the movie didn't work for me much but there was a decent amount of eye candy around for everyone...

Nice to hear from you mate, I hope you're well!
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Amazing work as per sir!!!
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That is just absolutely gorgeous work, Mark! Outstandingly drool worthy. =)
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Briliant work, Mark!
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Tron-tastic! Evokes classic science fiction artwork, AND it would make one hell of a movie poster.
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Cool artwork. Underrated film.
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