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Raiders Master Comp - Discarded

By MarkRaats
This is a discarded concept for a new Raiders of the Lost Ark private commission I am currently working on.
Grey Copics and pencil on white paper - 11.5 x 16.5 inch
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© 2016 - 2021 MarkRaats
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Very nice, even for you! Great work.
MarkRaats's avatar
Cheers Andrew!
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As mentioned...I love the dynamics of this piece! Quite a refreshing composition for an Indy piece.
Gossamer1970's avatar
Dude that's incredible.  Your Indy work is always stunning.
keight's avatar
Well done, Mark. Congratulations on the sale.
stuponitron's avatar
This is fantastic! Love it in black in white!
mlh70's avatar
How much for that one or did you sell it on facebook already?
MarkRaats's avatar
So sorry, yes it sold pretty much 10 minutes after being posted..

The price was $800.00
mlh70's avatar
I thought it did, but it doesn't hurt to ask. 
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*John Williams' music swells in the background.
Except it's the theme to "Star Wars".
Everyone turns to stare in disbelief at Jerry, the music guy.
He had one job--one freakin' job--and he blew it.
No one can believe how unprofessional Jerry is, and they all hate him.
Jerry quits before they can fire him (it's the one time he goes above and beyond what is expected of him),
then goes home and tries to drink away who he is.
But Jerry can't escape who he is; when he wakes up, he's still Jerry . . . just more hungover than before.*
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Wow, this is super awesome! :D
Peterstar's avatar
WOW! very good!
medusesti's avatar
If this one was discarded, I can't wait to see the final one :D
artlovr59's avatar
It's still good!
multificionado's avatar
Wow! Looks great! :D
vonika24's avatar
Woww❤ hello please check in my profile, fav+comment too, thanks
MeganRoseThomas's avatar
Amazing layout! Really draws the eye.
Harmony1965's avatar
It may be discarded, but it is still amazing as always :)
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