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Which VPN Service Providers Really Take Anonymity Seriously?


This new VPN offering gives users the ability to access other countries exclusive websites and keep data safe from unsecured Wi-Fi networks and harmful sites, whether at home or traveling. Currently available in the U.S., Canada, U.K., New Zealand and Australia (and soon-to-be available throughout Europe), Wajam Mobile VPN app can be downloaded from the App Store:… . "As you take your friends with you on the go with Wajam Mobile, our new integrated VPN app will keep you and your data safe while browsing and sharing information on the web," said Martin-Luc Archambault, Founder & CEO of Wajam. "Because of our social search revenue model, we are able to embed a full VPN offering to users at no cost to them. Prior to Wajam, no one had been able to integrate Facebook, Twitter & Google+ data within a typical Google search...and now we have taken our product to another level by adding a layer of security and anonymity, while opening the gates of content which have been blocked across geographic boundaries." Adding VPN elevates security by preventing local ISPs from spying on users, securing connections against harmful sites and unsecured Wi-Fi networks and providing a layer of encryption to users' mobile data traffic using IPSec secured protocol. In addition, the free VPN feature compresses data to help users save on data usage. Wajams free VPN app also helps secure details when users login to websites or enter personal information such as bank accounts and credit card numbers on 3G or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. We believe that there's an opportunity as a third party to bridge the gap between competing search platforms, and ultimately give users more choice in which search engine and which social platforms they can use to get the recommendations they need, added Archambault. Adding this VPN capability and encryption opens the doors to increase security while again giving users more choice in accessing web content they couldnt otherwise get. This is a great differentiator for us! How VPN Services Work Computers or phones have an IP address assigned by an ISP which can be used to figure out the geographic location of a user's ISP data center. Changing an IP address makes it harder to trace the user's online activity and location.When trying to access a service that is restricted by geographic region, Wajams VPN app will "change" the user's geographic location by overriding the IP address assigned by an ISP with one drawn from its pool of servers. Using a VPN service adds security by encrypting all online traffic and ensures data remains hidden from third parties when on an open wireless network. About Wajam  Great Minds Search Alike Wajam ( ) is a social search engine that gives you access to the knowledge of your friends when you need it.


2. We are based in Seychelles and we do not communicate with external governments or authorities unless when required by law, or when our ethics tell us to do so (note: read this policy for more details ), that is precisely when activities such as child pornography or human rights violation are being reported. But once again, there is very little we can actually share about. And we will always keep you informed of such communication, either via our transparency report, our network issues or our warrant canary. AirVPN Response to Q1: The company carries no identifying logs. Response to Q2: Jurisdiction is in the EU, under most circumstances Italy (country of the company and home of the person legally responsible for data protection), but applicable law may be one of the EU Member States where the servers of the network are physically located (no servers are in Italy), AirVPN told us. We dont share any information with anyone. AirVPN website PRQ Response to Q1: We do not log anything, not even temporary logs. We do not have any read here personal information, since we only require a working e-mail address to sign up. Many customers use anonymous e-mail services like hushmail and the like. Even if a customer gives us their information, we do not use it. Response to Q2: We fall under Swedish jurisdiction, no circumstances will be accepted to share information, since we do not have any information to share. SunVPN website VPNReactor Response to Q1: Only for 5 days to stop abuse[..]. After 5 days we have absolutely no way to match any IP address or time stamp to any users. Privacy and Security is further enhanced for individual users because their VPN connections are basically lost in the crowd. Our free VPN users share a block of IPs when they connect to the internet via VPNReactor. So at any given time hundreds/thousands of our VPN users that have active connections could all be sharing a single IP address.

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