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I enjoy video games, music, art and animations. I also watch a lot of TV. You are welcome to talk to me on AIM/MSN/Skype.

AIM: MarkP0rter
Skype: ask

Current Residence: EUROPE
Favourite genre of music: Electronica
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 and BOY I LOVE IT <3 fuck OSX
MP3 player of choice: PSP

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Superbad, Fight Club, Borat, Star Wars
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Boards of Canada, Beck, Blur, The Beatles
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Gears of War, Half Life 2, Cave Story
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Art, Animations, Music, Movies


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Oh he doesn't? I tried the best I could and I thought I came up with a very spot on version of Sonic. I've showed it to some people and they couldn't tell the difference between my version and the original box art.
sonic boom
yes every now and then. impressive isn't it? but its a bit weird. ive used to have a lot of people who would watch my stuff, they would always comment and i was very very active on here and people would follow me. then i kinda gave up on DA and eventually came back after some years and everyone seems to be gone by now so I post my art but there is no more interaction going on anymore. its kinda sad and of course id prefer it if people would comment on my stuff but then on the other hand i dont care. back then i was like: i dont get why facebook is so popular and why people don't just use da. da was my kind of facebook. ive also used to create art because i was kinda fishing for compliments and hoping that people like my art and will comment on it. ive changed a lot. i dont do that anymore. ive got a life and i am very busy with me life. ive got a lot of great friends and i am constantly on the run. seriously i just use my bed for sleeping. i dont find time for video games or anything. its just me enjoying my life outside with good friends- i am busy and if i am not hanging around with friends i am busy and creative at work where people appreciate me, like what i do and even laugh about the jokes that i am getting paid for coming up with. its very great and a wonderful life. so nowadays i only do art if i feel like creating art. i draw because i am still passionate about it. art and animations have always been a big passion of mine. i love it and i will always be creative for the rest of my life but its coming from the inside of me. i am creative because I WANT TO CREATE SOMETHING. it is an urge inside me and i am very happy and proud if i finish something. see this picture for example or a lot of other pictures that i have created- i like them. i personally enjoy them. so i will come back to my DA and look at my pictures and i will be happy because I have created them- its okay if no one comments or no one even cares. sure it would always be nicer if others would appreciate it as well but creating art makes me feel good personally. CREATING something in general makes me feel good, so I don't need the approval of anyone else. i don't need people to tell me that they like my stuff because I am happy with who I am, with what I do and the stuff I create no matter if its art, animations, movies or games. Heck I still play my own games every now and then and I will laugh my ass off about the stuff that I came up with ages ago :) so I am my biggest fan.
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MarkP0rter commented on Tmnt by MarkP0rter
Yeh they should have hired me as an animator for that movie. But seriously just look at the trailer and look at their noses and their lips. Its really disturbing and weird. Thanks for ruining my childhood once again, Hollywood.
MarkP0rter commented on Tmnt by MarkP0rter
of course. would you think that I am lying? its really bad. i dont want to say anything offensive here but it looks like a racist cartoon from the 20s where black people had all those stereotypes. its green Ns.
you seriously can't let go off it and would love to know don't you? crystal is a great girl, i can tell you that.
birthday card