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:faint: :ambulance:

it is a great honor and privilege to collab with the one and only :iconsummerset: (THE MOST CELEBRATED COLORIST IN THE PHILIPPINES)

my mistress!


this is a tribute to the b*tchest b*tch of all time in any any computer game!

:clap: :boogie: :dance: :boogie: :clap:

colors by :iconsummerset:
lines by Me

it's also posted on to [link]
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As a longtime Cammy fan who first saw this in the Street Fighter Tribute book, I have to say, I wholeheartedly approve. Cammy is and always has been my favorite Street Fighter character.
Hola, I love/Like and is fantastic your character, as I attract too the characters of women with white skin/brunette/afro descendant/wood/pearl/minerals and other shades of color for women), in addition to the costume/eyes/hair/lip/its Posture catches me and of course I attract the characters/gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender person to make friends and meet them.
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best picture on the planet
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words cant describe
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just  great colors 
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these bodies you drew! phew
what program do you use to create these drawings ?
This is the best Cammy I have seen!!!!!!
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I am not one who casually throws out a "best ever" comment unless it is BEST EVER Cammy that I have ever seen. It was a favorite before I could even click the button. Outstanding! :judge: :winner: :worship: :onfire:
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Good fucking God this is sexy as fuck
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Incredible work
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