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Weapons Set 1

Well! Randoms-foundling! It seems that there's a reason for the lack of reflective shields! It renders literally everything else in the scene, and then some! Looks like you'll have to warp a copy of your picture for it, or something! This it rendering it by itself! It still shows SOMETHING!

I haven't seen any elegant axes. They all seem to be hard, spiked, troll type, nothing elven. I guess maybe I should add that to my list of things to make!

The PNG transparency is in the download.
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omulass - guardian of the gate by enkrat
Hvala for fine stock!:wave:
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i used ur stock here thank yu for sharing! :heart:
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I have used your beautiful stock here: Keres by RoseCS
Thank-You by KmyGraphic
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Hi ! I've used your stock here : The Lonesome Traveller by Kurtzan

Many thanks and hope you'll like it ! :D :D
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I used your a beautiful stock here
Thank you <3
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Hey there :wave:
This image has been featured in a news article here [link]

Thankyou for providing such lovely stock.
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Um. Thanks. But... No it's not... Thanks for the thought!
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:O it should be there.
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Oh my! This set is just fantastic! Thank you. kind sir. :glomp:
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Didn't recognize your new hair-do!

Thanky! I promised a set of bow and arrow stuff yesterday. Eyes peeled! We keep getting power flickers with this ice storm. I've given up on trying to render anything for a while today. The computer keeps turning off.
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now those are some nice weapons, definately using them at some time
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Daz Studio. Frreee software, frreee content! Hint, hint!
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lol, cool, ill look into it, thanks
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Pretty cool. Sucks up the cpu while it's rendering. I like to run at about 100% cpu usage all the blessed time! :faint:
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is it an easy interface, ive messed about on cad 3d programs before at work but never used an art one
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Vaguely similar. From my recollections, the CAD programs normally render to the screen as a separate process. Where you work with boxy previews. In most art 3D software, the entire process is usually kept low-res rendered.

Then you do a final render to a file. Or in Poser's case, a temporary holding area that you copy to a file. Which I think is dumb, but there you go.

The DAZ interface is it's finest feature. It's file organization is it's worst. You pretty much have to manually keep things organized. Even then there's still a DAZ section and a Downloaded section. And neither will work from the other section. Even though I have 6 or more 3D programs, I use DAZ far and above the most. It's fairly easy to get started, unless you count mutant, messed up, weird "How the heck did that happen?" sessions. I called them FrankenVicky and FrankenMike.
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Yay!! Thanks hun! *pounces on the download button*
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