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Fire Dragon 1 - Feb 13 08

DAZ MilDragon and Jepez Flamez

Transparency is in the download.
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hi, thx for the stock, use here [link]
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Hello! :w00t: I have featured this in my weekly news article! [link]
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Ello! Your lovely stock has been used here. Thanks! :heart:
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Used this here [link] thanks for the stock use and hope ya like it
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How did I miss this?
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I'm soo coming back to this one one day lol. I wish I seen this one BEFORE I tried making the fire myself lol
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I used it here, thank you so much :) [link]
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Beautiful Dragon! Love the pose! :nod:
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:bow: Should I often include the fire?
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Yes! I love a fire-breathing dragon! But thats just my opinion. :aww:
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:whisper: I'd like to do them separately. But the license is pretty clear on that. It's a NO NO.
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Never mind. We must abide by the license! :nod: :aww:
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I pretty much have to include them with something, use them.
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I am having a hard time trying to abide by the growing variety of rules and instructions that come with the DA stock photos that a lot of us would like to try to use in our photomanipulations. I truly work hard at it, but I think I'm losing the race. I have no desire to use anyone's artwork that is not allowed for derivatives. I don't post my manips anywhere except on D.A under Photomanipulations. I don't set them up as Prints. I rarely even print them out for myself.

I search in the CC section under posted pictures, in the descriptions under those pictures, in links posted in the descriptions, and in journals where rules can be buried several months back or in comments as long as a Short Story. But I don't usually read all the threads that go with every stock photo. For your dragon stock photo, though, for some reason I made an exception, which is a good thing because this thread leads me to believe that there is some kind of additional licensing for the dragon photo that disallows this photo from being used for derivative works (that is, altering the downloaded photo).

Please let me know if the above thread between you and SquallxZell-Leonhart means that, should I want to use your Fire Dragon 1 stock photo, I cannot change it in any way including getting rid of the fire coming out of the dragon's mouth?

Thanks for any information you can give me :)
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Well, It's not so much dA that determines how one can use, or provide 3D images as stock. They have finally realized that there is usually a difference between a 3D model, and a 3D image. But not always... The fire models are just flat images. The rules are the same for all models that you can't pose. From apples to zithers. The image is the same as the model, so you can't redistribute it.

With regard to stock rules, and prints, etc. ^LawrenceDeDark the stock gallery director, has a list of stockers who don't try to tell you what you can and can't do with the images. It's not a full list. I'm not going to submit my name to it for example, but it's growing. More and more stockers are realizing that there's really nothing you can do to prevent the images being used and posted anywhere on the web, in most any way.

How about if I make it easy on you, and just post one without the fire...
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Again a beautiful dragon :thumbsup:
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Gorgeous! Great job
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A big ole hooping yes. I should have some time to play around with it this weekend, and see it I can match my talent (cough) up to yours. Was wondering, is there anyway that you could switch the heads on the air dragons? :thanks:
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