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Bird Skeleton 4

And yet one more bird-y skeleton as adapted from the DAZ Studio Dragon Skeleton.

The PNG Transparency is in the Download.
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Used here Dream To Fly by silviya Thank you!
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Perfect! Just what I need!
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What the hell are you feeding your models?
Or not feeding them.

Great work!
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I tried to fix him after the cat got in! Polly want a cracker?
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NO WAY!!! i want that skeleton :D congrats pal doing great job, i got an eye on your stock for my next idea :D
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It's the dragon skeleton from DAZ, you know. They have the Skeleton, and the Easy Pose skeleton. I can't tell any difference. Get rid of the tail, shorten the neck, increase the scale of the chest, erase the horns, get rid of the teeth, and there you have a bird skeleton! :rofl:
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"kill" LOL skeletal dragon... get it :slow:
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that means ill kill my dragon :( i searched for the skeleton i didnt found it :(
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It's on the DAZ website. I think it's $20 unless you get the Platinum club membership, then it's$2. I forget whether you would find it through a search for dragon, or skeleton.

I got the killed dragon... :faint:
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