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the 2018 request season is over, thank you to everyone who participated

all remaining logos will be delivered this week

I'll see you in 2019
today I'll start making logos from the MetalHeroes franchise...
Metal Heroes is my favorite Toei franchise of all time, more then Kamen Rider

so if you're a fan of the MetalHeroes franchise, stay tuned :D
yes yes YES :D

finally after 6 long years, I have finished all the logos of all existing Riders, logos for all Riders, for all their different forms, for all existing upgrades and for all Rider-likes enemies ...

I thank everyone who supported me and enjoyed my work over the years...

but this celebration does not mean that the work is over, Build is coming up with more logos for me to make ;D
wow, after 4 long years I finally finish all the logos of the heisei riders(we still have some Ex-Aid logos and also the Ghost special logos of course) and now is time to begin make all logos of showa riders, so lets go to the showa era =D