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I was right all the time, the shrimp medal is a head medal :D

Bandai and Toei have announced new Oozu combos that will come out on the new line of toys Complete Selection Modification toyline ... Oozu will win 5 new combos:

-the crustacean combo (shrimp, crab and scorpion - Ebi + Kani + Sasori = BiKaSo[so close to the combo that I created Kamen Rider Ozu Bikasori by markolios] combo) that are the medals seen in the film, before black and now colored
-the antelope combo (gazelle, deer and bull - Gazeru + Shika + Ushi = ShikaZeShi combo)
-the deepwater combo (shark, whale, wolf fish - Same + Kujira + Ookamiuo = SaRaMi combo) which are the Kamen Rider Poseidon medals used by Oozu
-the arctic combo (walrus, polar bear and penguin - Seiuchi + Shirokuma + Pengin = SeiShiroGin combo)
-and the insect combo (centipede, bee and ant - Mukade + Hachi + Ari = MukaChiRi combo)

these "new" medals had already appeared in movie megamax but never in combo form
it would be really cool if we had a new oozu movie where those combos appeared
Hi watchers, 15 days have passed since the beginning of the Request Holyday Season and the end has come...I want to thank everyone who participated, if you could not participate wait until Resquest Season 2018 ok?
After so many messages and questions from you guys, I decided to open a special request season for the end of the year and holydays.

Do you want to have a logo / symbol made by me? just follow the rules!

the rules are simple:

1- leave a comment here describing how your logo/symbol should be.
2- the drawing will be done only once without modifications, if you do not like the result will have to accept the drawing as it was or will have to make a commission for me to redo the drawing, so think carefully before requesting any logo/symbol.
3- limited only one request per person.
4- keep in mind that I have only make kamen rider logos, if you ask for anything different than that the design may not be good enough, so no complaint afterwards okay?
5- the requests will be made in my free time, it may take a few hours or a few days, so be patient.
6- if the request is too complicated or confusing I may refuse, so let's keep the things simple.

anyone who claims, requeire or complain against quality or delay will be banned from my profile for good.

this request season will end in 15 days from now
today I'll start making logos from the MetalHeroes franchise...
Metal Heroes is my favorite Toei franchise of all time, more then Kamen Rider

so if you're a fan of the MetalHeroes franchise, stay tuned :D
yes yes YES :D

finally after 6 long years, I have finished all the logos of all existing Riders, logos for all Riders, for all their different forms, for all existing upgrades and for all Rider-likes enemies ...

I thank everyone who supported me and enjoyed my work over the years...

but this celebration does not mean that the work is over, Build is coming up with more logos for me to make ;D
wow, after 4 long years I finally finish all the logos of the heisei riders(we still have some Ex-Aid logos and also the Ghost special logos of course) and now is time to begin make all logos of showa riders, so lets go to the showa era =D
I totally forgot about some Ghost's logos ... Ishinomori logo, Shinsengumi logo, Showa logo, Davinci logo... and now Tenkatoitsu came out, so I will make all Ghost's logos missing :)
I finally donne to make all hibiki's logos(riders series logos, riders movies logos and stageshow logos) I hope you guys enjoy the work =D…
apparently the Ghost symbols ended for now, so i'm back to work in Heisei symbols, make then HD and color, so stay tune
apparently here in this shit community the guys just enjoy and comment if the work is in color and in high quality

so from now on we will only vectors in color and in high quality, all vectors of my profile will be remade to fit this rule woe be in color

i hope that now the crowd begins to appreciate my work over here in this shit community
so once again an idiot who thinks owner all the symbols of kamen riders come irritate me and falsely accuse me of art theft....

i'm already tired of those idiots who do not understand they are not owners of the design created by TOEI

of course my drawings are similar to yours because it is based on the same sources, but they never are and never will be stolen arts...

i spent several hours of my day to make these drawings and comes these idiots accuse me without proof?

prove yours accusations before coming threaten me of reportation...

understand once for all: you are not the owner of the symbols the owner of them is TOEI... SO FUCK OF OR I WILL REPORTED YOU FOR ABUSE

this serves to all who are pissed me off, i'm not afraid of you
finally all Kamen Rider Drive Symbols is finished

i thank all users who have followed my work with Drive to the end...

now i begin the work with Kamen Rider Ghost that you guys already can check this link Ghost Symbols

and of course we still have and we will all symbols of all the riders that you guys can go on giving my gallery

check all the Drive Symbols on this link Drive All Symbols

chill out and stay tune
my intention here in Deviantart is to gather all the symbols of Kamen Rider, official Rider symbols, symbols of Rider Forms and symbols of Rider upgrades...

most of these symbols do not officially exist, so i'll create them...

some custom symbols already are in my gallery, example: Kamen Rider Yami no Kiva and Kamen Rider Tyrant ...

might happen to some of symbolos be similar to whit you have on your page, this does not mean that i stole from you, just means i did made a similar one or i caught from Google, if i caught on Google all credits will be maintained and the link where they were caught will be post to ... if did not create them i'll never say which are my creations...

if you, so called artist,
feels wronged or offended by your vectors is in my page, come talk to me in particular that i put down your vectors...

and if you feel disturbed by your work be caught from Google without the credits, begin to put watermark on all your drawings ok?

so, once again:
my intention here in Deviantart is to gather all the symbols of Kamen Rider, so all tokufans of my country can know that they exist...

understood? good...

markolios says: não sejam arrogantes, aprendam a dividir para que todos os tokufans possam conhecer os simbolos =)