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[i] michael, :iconincalyscent:incalyscent 27 21
sometimes someone dies
and youre not ready
and you havent sat down yet but your roommates holding your hand and shes crying
so sit down you must and his mothers trying to comfort you but then your
heads pointed at the grooves in the wood flooring
which was just installed this summer actually
and youre looking through them for an answer of what you could have done differently and youre
looking and looking and looking and
just when you thought there was nothing his father reminds you theres some things and you think,
if there was,
why didnt you?
sometimes someone dies
and its still the day of, and youve told your closest. but you just you just
dont know how to tell your parents yet
and youve been walking and sitting and crying through mosquito bites
to a friend youre not sure will be around for the long haul but shes here now and
fuck shes all youve got
and for a minute youll feel okay but really youll feel yourself dissociating harder and harder everytime you speak a word about it to her and
by the end of it
:iconnoewhit:noewhit 55 27
lightyears by Omario2d lightyears :iconomario2d:Omario2d 569 33
Sand Mandala
One grain at a time
Is how I treated our days together
Each color of each grain
I studied the Tibetan monks—
Their deliberate lean over all that is
The chants that made and moved stones
With the authority of time
The geometry that melded with song and soul
To emerge in carefully placed vibrant pigment
Colors that seared in vision
What a blink or eyes closed in dream still saw
Look away—they’re still there
In moments of silence
A ghost of something, but
Bright shimmering
Deepest reverence
All things
Everything was there
Each grain
Each color
Placed—the math, the experience, the grandeur
Intended to be as
Beautiful as I could achieve
The effort—
The potential that we held
For that breath of time
Even as I picked up
Every piece,
Even as we disappeared
:iconsimpleton--t:simpleton--T 26 13
Uncle Carl by aenaluck Uncle Carl :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 1,543 34 Faithful companion by aenaluck
Mature content
Faithful companion :iconaenaluck:aenaluck 704 24
IV. You wanna know what Mona Lisa's smiling about?
Mona’s sitting there on the bus, right
       + it’s like
what are you smiling at,
like, why’s your Monday morning lookin so much better than mine, girl?
    + she’s all like:
I’ve been walking through this river for a month
and all I can see is the milky way
above me, through the trees’
leaves and their trunks, even
the river has slow warm
galaxies and black
holes and pulsars swirling
around my calves like
I’m here.

When I dip my fingers in
I get dawn all over them
like the light already spidering
my ankles
and my calves are glowing,
and my femurs
have started now too.
I can feel it
in my carpals,

My body’s not the point
or the sun
or anything like that.
But isn’t it prett
:iconphilologie:philologie 52 14
Krasnosvit_033 by BlackBirdInk Krasnosvit_033 :iconblackbirdink:BlackBirdInk 116 9
My brother-in-arms,
So brave was your heart.
So lively were your eyes.
A coin for Charon.
Your soul he would carry.
The fire lit up the skies.
My brother-in-arms,
So brave was your heart.
Warlike were our black ships.
But you, from now on,
Are breathless and cold.
The Myrmidons were under your lead.
My brother-in-arms,
So brave was your heart.
The walls of Troy stand still.
The winds whisper prayers,
But gods never care.
For vengeance the winds now scream.
My brother-in-arms,
So brave was your heart.
The gods conspire and slay.
We all would be lost
In dark Hades’ Halls,
But immortal will be your name.
My brother-in-arms,
So brave was your heart.
I saw our enemies die.
The walls of Apollo
Witnessed the sorrow.
And the fire lit up the sky.
(24.July 2018)
:iconalexandraorlova:AlexandraOrlova 66 66
Face Yourself by Charlie-Bowater Face Yourself :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 2,637 44 Trust by Haining-art Trust :iconhaining-art:Haining-art 313 8 Connor.  Detroit: Become Human. by AtanvarneArt Connor. Detroit: Become Human. :iconatanvarneart:AtanvarneArt 681 12 Detroit: Become Human by Delila2110 Detroit: Become Human :icondelila2110:Delila2110 335 19 Connor Detroit Become Human by Brilcrist Connor Detroit Become Human :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,457 57 Bakudeku by Suyohara Bakudeku :iconsuyohara:Suyohara 1,203 74 The Uncertainty Principle by ahermin The Uncertainty Principle :iconahermin:ahermin 119 11



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