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Another one of the beautiful new illustrations from our newest Book THE KILLING GAME, for DEGENESIS. Featured in the Rumor Mills section for a reason :) More info on the book here: and here: 
#degenesis #thekillinggame #shittalk #rumors
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Love it! It’s crude and realistic. Reminds me of Rome and Spartacus series which both had a similar scene.

Is weird how jarringly wholesome this image can be

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Lovely point of view!
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Badass Couples do everything together. B-)
Why? Because they just give a shit...
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Well, guess this solves the gender issue.
Public restrooms, were the best moments happen
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And it just got a whole lot BETTER.
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I'm not a roleplayer, but this topic looks RICH.
Rich in the fact that you could meet a new friend. :)
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Haha, looks like I have. XD
Remember not to look down at the other left or right of you for to long.
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Ingenious! Finally somebody giving enough credit to these important moments in life :D
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! MI'm loving it
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What do they use to wipe their arse?
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Bleached dollar bills.
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Clearly it is the knife.
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In medieval times people used to have personal sticks to wipe their arses with.
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But it isn't set in medieval times, it's set at a Post-Apocalyptic Science-Fantasy. So they probably have toilet paper lying somewhere.
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Does this post apocalyptic settings have a lot of active paper factories to procuce toilet paper? Or do everybody gather their pre apocalypse toilet rolls from udnerground bunkers in case of an emergency? I'm not familiar with the setting.
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Lol Shittalk pun.
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The lighting in this painting is so beautiful. I love how the joke is hidden in the shadow and you have to kind of look for it :D Great work!
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