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CULTURE ILLUSTRATION Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic and I created for DEGENESIS, our upcoming RPG by SIXMOREVODKA

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Dude, you are amazing! Avenger?
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I like how her spear is also a hoe. When I went through a binge of  learning about swords and other medieval weapons I was suprised to learn how basically half of all weapons were modified from farm tools.
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I just love your concept art! 
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Stop the press! BEAUTIFUL!
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Very professional !! 
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I love the warhoe!  One of the traditional weapons in Okinawan martial arts that we never see in the West.  Hers looks a bit like a cross between an Okinawan and a Western hoe with the spike on the bottom for added fun.
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so badass
i love the design of this character
great illustration
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awesome concepts, awesome illustration. Love the attention to the light through the fabric
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great charadesign :)
Love the weapon in her right hand (if I'm not wrong, a customized tool used to dig, no?) and her 'unperfect hairdo'... Makes it feel more 'real', less Loreal and I highly appreciate those details, personnaly :p
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Woah, this is awesome!
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Really strong personality. Great work!
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These Degenesis designs are tasty. Really great work.
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Yeah, this is kind of.. pretty good :).
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