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Wolverine maquette

This was a concept maquette sculpt I did for a video game company about 2 years ago.
The original was sculpted in Super Sculpey and he stands about 18" tall.
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This is the coolest Wolverine Sculpture I've ever seen, and I love the length of his paws, which really makes him look coooooool. The shape and form of the statue is perfect!!:wave:

Love this Wolverine, front and back!

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really great Work :)
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I'm guessing this was made once and already sold, no casts or anything were made? It's way better than any wolverine figurine I've ever seen. Mass marketed stuff seems so safe and unoriginal. I'd buy this instantly if I saw it in a store.
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Accepted order of this model? And would like to send to Brazil?
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incrível seus trabalhos
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This is great! bro, well all your gallery!!!
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This is AMAZING!
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how did you do the claws?
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This awesome!
It really captures how beast like he is.
I like how long you made his claws, too!
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THIS is what I see in my mind when I think Wolverine. :heart:
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Those are the biggest damn Adamantium claws I've seen in a while. Excellent sculpt! Great textures, depth and pose. Your work on the folds of his jeans and hair on his forearms is really quite amazing.

I'm going to go sit in a corner and feel depressed and inadequate now, if you don't mind....
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has this ever gone into production cos id love to buy one
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This is HANDS DOWN the coolest Wolverine I have EVER seen!!!! :worship:
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beautiful work
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wow, amazing.... let me go and clean my drool mark...
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Is it for sale?
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Dude, I respect you. What an awesome masterpiece!!
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