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Wolverine maquette 2

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would you be interested in selling this? or do you have a website where you sell them?
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Would you call this your best work of art?
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Is this on the market? If so is it available in kit form?
Hi i just wanted to ask a question on the claws for the wolverine u made. was it sculpt completely using clay or other materials?
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The claws are made of styrene plastic. Cut and shaped.

wow this is just unreal :) amazingly good, did you use normal polymer clay?
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yes. This was sculpted in super sculpey.

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amazing man!!!! all of your maquettes!!
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Man! your work is out of this world, Kratos was incredible and this one left me breathless!
I hate unmasked wolverine but I would pay a lot of money to get this incredible piece.
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love this one and that is not just because Wolverine is my favorite super hero.
Great texture and the rips in the singlet and jeans are awesome. The light falls really well on it also, showing all details in muscle work.
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Awesome work!
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Love it, is it possible to buy 1??
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Yes? Is it possible??
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Absolutely love how this looks...I know a lot of people will complain about him not being able to retract his claws and blah, blah, blah but the overall look and detail is absolutely phenomenal. Keep up the great work and don't let the haters rattle your cage!
The fact that someone actually commented the claws need to be able to retract into his arms, tickles me. Fantastic sculpt, you inspire me to work harder.
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His claws r a little to long but overall it looks good
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haven't heard that one yet.
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His claws need to retract into his forearms after all, so they can't really be longer. :P
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Haha, good answer! :D
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Big marvel fan. But over all I love it
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