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Vampirella sculpt 1

By MarkNewman
This is the original sculpt of the premium format Vampirella sculpture for SideShow collectibles. This is 1/4 scale sculpted in Super Sculpey/SS firm 50/50 mix. Design sketch by David Igo. [link] Yes, the famous dude from SideShow.
The finished piece has 2 different portraits/heads. It will be painted, original paint master by David Fisher. And she will be donning her famous skimpy red costume, or should I say rubber band. It's made out of some fabric that looks to be miniature patent leather. grrrrraaaooouuuwwwwwl.
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Brilliant work! I can't imagine the amount of skill and work that went into this.
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Darn fine work! Thanks again for the mix info, I never went back after you gave me that. Your textures are always so realistic. I've always over done things and then had to reduce wasted detail which in my opinion was badly done in the first place. 
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Mark, my jaw always hits the floor when I see your work.  Thanks so much for sharing it with us.
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realy love the sculpt , all was don in super sculpey firm only  ?
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May I ask what these beautiful pieces are made out of, what is that gray material?
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what kind of clay did you use???
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Amazing figure!!!!!!!!!!!!
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really great!!! :)
Jou. are a poet!!
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toppa23's avatar
wonderful sculpt
bpisek's avatar
You sculpted the best Vampi here. I wish I was able to get this premium.
I found out from Sideshow that there is no cancellation on this
( I was on the wait list ).

I look forward to more of your sculpts. :)
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Such a master with sculpting! Respect!!
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thesilvabrothers's avatar
Beautiful sculpture!!
JRodrigo10's avatar
Fantastic man! congrats!
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I'm a little late to the party here, but I will never cease to be amazed by the subtlety in your work. While I am super impressed with Vampirella herself (her ribs and hip bones), the little lifted foot on the rat is totally blowing me away. Amazing work as usual.
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