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What if...

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This is...pretty sad. A man can only dream though, huh?

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Scrolling through that, I got so happy at the end, then started crying once I saw that it was just a dream...

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thank you for being so awesome

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If only this had happened....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm crying now.
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Wha- what is this, i'm... I'm fEeLiNG NNNNNNNNGGGHH
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Priorities, Ford, priorities. This is so sweet.
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This is beautiful! And the last panel....the rain moves!
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oh my ngnnnngngghhhhh
god............ nnghhh ;n;
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i'm kind of confused... what's happening in the last panel?
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He's dreaming. He's dream about his brother priorities bonding than his dream pursuit.
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that is so true D:
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*Waterfalls of tears.*
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Stanford acted like an idiot. But Stanford has been egoistical.
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Sorry for nitpicking(or just a typing error still sorry)
but Stanley was the idiot but your point was still made that they were both at fault
(it was ages ago, he was trapped in an alternate dimension and ford couldn't let it go)
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Fak, didn't mean to write Stanford both times ._.
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Auto correct sucks
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I think Blendin was the one who broke Ford's machine.
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I could see a flashback where Ford sees Stanley punching the desk and fixing the piece that falls off.

"Oh, that part was always falling off. It was really for show, it had no real purpose."
"So Stan didn't really break it then?"
"I... I guess not... Oh lord... WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"
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